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Editura Universitara Statistics for business

23,11 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-299-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786065912991

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: II

Pages: 254

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Gheorghe Savoiu

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Paraphrasing what was said once by John Rockefeller, on the "skill to enter into relationship with people," it deserves to pay more than for any other human skill under the sun, it should be emphasized from the outset that this feature essential, as contemporary entrepreneur network element nodal market economy and social systems, adds a unique ability also, but so expensive that to understand why the message prompt economic and social statistics, business indicators reflected both in and general market and in those of social networks and environmental protection.Information is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking but not accompanied by the personal and statistical information all interfaces are illusory since Socratic times. What can be written about statistical thinking to make it more useful in business? What would be the elements that must be kept in statistical thinking of general application and original angle of view of entrepreneurship or business management or such statistics show a pragmatic approach to business?What are the nature and essence of statistics? Entrepreneurial thinking with the statistics to determine: a) basic values ​​of problem situations that require a decision in terms of probabilities, b) the expected value by maximizing expected earnings distant future, c) subjective expected utility function, d) the effect and correct option in the hope that better information is statistically analyzed and methodical mindset will not regret postdecizional appears.
Variability statistics courses themselves an unique opportunity for statistical analysis applied. Statistical thinking, entrepreneur and manager required so modern, perpetually drawn variability and diversity, fails to identify similarities in terms of internal structure in almost all business, as in the books of statistics, be it statistics for economists, for business, tourism, etc.. Therefore, a high degree of homogeneity overall theme can be found in the methods presented in this book. I can not miss the entrepreneur and manager training or grouping method, relative indicators and indicators of central tendency, no methods for determining the variation, symmetry and excess or eccentricity in one-dimensional data sets, and no method of dispersion analysis, determinants and nedeterminaţiei factorial, the assumptions of knowledge and explanation of economic and social world around them. Selective research method and statistical regression or correlation method will combine index practical tools to make building modern market economy, to facilitate understanding the multidimensional links indeterminist phenomena and seemingly atypical type of business or related inflationary growth issues economic balance of capital markets and employment relative to employment, foreign trade or environmental protection, etc.. Statistical analysis of time series and regional capacities will contribute to the formation of entrepreneurs and managers need to forecast or estimate modern and spatial hierarchy. At the same time a book of statistics for business to contribute to the acquisition of language statistical, mathematical and economic, and using specific methods and tools to form attitudes and reactions prompt methodologically rigorous quantification and qualitative knowledge of business and economic activities. This book is structured in a number of only eight chapters, which were established from the outset the content, objectives, key words and a bibliography restricted self-assessment tests, applications and applications submitted for resolution resolved. This course is designed synthetic segment of those who understand that time remains a resource that can not store and want to hold the end of a thorough academic education individual learning secrets, specific structured self-assessment test points per chapter, which will facilitate the study and morelatest knowledge process continues now become European and national requirement, as the long life learning.
As the process of education, the teacher is the first required to make the qualitative leap by acquiring the necessary information from several areas of education, drawing on different ways of thinking about the same object of reality, which wants to expose its dialogue with students, so the entrepreneur or manager will need to use different information and more rapid methods of processing them to take necessary and correct decision to initiate and develop a business or activity in a company. As can be seen that the teacher during his career his passion for teaching remains captive way of thinking and methods taken from models or reflected in their discipline, so the entrepreneur or manager are bound by their original and exclusive ways of thinking. That is why the main target of themes of this book is to try to make the dialogue partners of teacher and student, trainer and format, and to choose alternative methodological plurality, multidisciplinarity and formative decision, under the impact of diversity of thought in a space with "n" dimensions, as is the contemporary global economy ...
The extent to which this book will have a greater or less than practical use depends on the majority of suggestions for future readers, colleagues and friends, whom I thank in advance for reporting any issues, including possible errors, the address gheorghe.savoiu @


The author

Gheorghe Savoiu

Education: Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce (1981)
Scientific titles: Doctor of Cybernetics and Economic Statistics (2000), Associate Professor Ph.D. State University of Pitesti.
Books published:
- Universal index prices and interpreter (Author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2001;
- Economic Statistics (applications, tests, case studies) (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2002;
- Business Statistics (co-author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2002;
- Financial Statistics (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2003;
- General statistics. Arguments in favor of statistical thinking training (author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2003;
- Applied Statistics in the economic and social (author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2004;
- General statistics of theoretical elements, multiple choice tests, applications and case studies (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2004;
- Marketing research and modeling. Quantitative market research methods (eds.), Academic Publishing, Bucharest, 2005;
- Social cohesion and measurement concept (co-author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2005;
- Recovery of Natural Resources, Volume III, increasing the efficiency of turning natural resources management (co-author), Ed International University Press, Bucharest, 2005;
- Projects with external funding (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2006;
- Guide License (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2006;
- The population explosion and implosion of the world between demographic (Author), Ed International University Press, Bucharest, 2006;
- Statistics. A scientific way of thinking (author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007;
- Exploratory Domains of Econophysics. News: Papers of the workshops EDEN I & II (eds.), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009;
- Statistics: thinking and methods (author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009;
- Econometrics (eds.), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009.

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