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Editura Universitara Fundamentals of Statistics for International Business

33,72 Lei 23,60 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-616-4

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 332

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Liviu - Stelian Begu, Mihai Korka, Erika Marin, Adriana Anamaria Alexandru

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Statistics is an area of ​​scientific knowledge, which is based mainly on the inductive approach to field research. Based on the record of events (events) directly noticeable of empirical reality, through a process of comparison, abstraction and generalization, statistics:
• noted the regularity and variability;
• formulate and test hypotheses and laws, contributed by rigorous numerical expression, characterization and causal explanation of phenomena and processes addressed. Because of this, says that it contains statistical methodology that is "matrix" of any nature applied sciences. Among economists and business people is frequent but think that statistics is a difficult academic discipline, abstract, with too many tedious formulas and spreadsheets.

This book dares to contradict such an opinion. Moreover, through a rigorous selection of content and examples, chapters of the book demonstrates, we hope, the method properties need statistics to future international business specialists and ease of learning statistics.
To this end, in this book the emphasis is transferred from the theoretical foundations of different processing methods and statistical data to overcome problems with them.
Those interested in deepening the theoretical aspects of the method Statistics are invited to consult some of the works listed in the bibliography at the end of this volume indicative, certainly works that can be physical or virtual access in major public libraries in the country or fund university textbooks.
This volume contains eight chapters brief theoretical presentation of methods, procedures and data processing techniques statistical observation. I added two chapters introducing quantitative and qualitative analysis perspective in international economic affairs.
The reader is presented statistical research specific indicators of a country's international economic relations, as they are found in official publications of the results at the macroeconomic or industry, or the balance of payments and international investment position of each country Each of the ten chapters has a structure similar teaching.
At the beginning of each chapter, the reader note the aspects that you will find brief paragraphs dealt with theoretical chapter with the intention of channeling their attention to clarify and settle. To avoid tiring overlap between the examples accompanying the presentation of academic textbooks theoretical methods of investigation and case studies included in the problems solved, we chose to eliminate almost entirely the numerical illustrations of theoretical synthesis paragraphs. They were replaced by references to the problems solved in the chapter.
Finally, setting and checking personal knowledge can be made by each user of the manual by the proposed problems. Therefore, we believe that among the beneficiaries of this volume will include:
• students of economic faculties, in particular, those who go through the cycle of undergraduate studies in economics and international business, which is familiar with the methods, techniques and statistical procedures commonly used in quantitative economic analysis;
• learners in open and distance education, which in this volume are necessary tools for understanding and knowledge of statistical independent verification that accumulates;
• students enrolled in those masters who develop skills in international relations, especially those who have an initial training in economics and international affairs;
• practitioners and international business environment or public administration and local institutions, seeking a rigorous quantitative foundation for understanding and solving daily work.

Liviu - Stelian Begu
Mihai Korka
Erika Marin
Adriana Anamaria Alexandru

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