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Editura Universitara How We Speak in Public. Oratory Exercises

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ISBN: 978-606-591-509-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786065915091

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 150

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Paciano Padron, Elena Chirita

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Are you ready to speak in public or make a successful presentation? If you do not master the art of persuasive communication, this book, as the title indicates, will help you discover the most effective ways to develop the skills necessary for a good speaker. Art persuasive message transmission should not just be the preserve of lawyers, but an indispensable tool to convince the public to whom you speak, whether you're a student, teacher, politician and president of condominium.

"HOW TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC. Oratory exercises" teaches you to support a speech at a congress, a campaign to license exam at a meeting of negotiations, or just an exhibition or a wedding. By way of pedagogical approach, this paper presents the best techniques you need to achieve greater congruence between verbal and non-verbal presentation, key speaker credibility and message you send. Following step by step exercises in this book the first time in Romania, will succeed in a very short time, to be more confident in yourself, confidence you need to master your stage fright controlling your nervous system.

Specifically, the book describes oratory instruments, tools, without which you will never be able to capture more and more attention of the persons to whom you speak.

  • Talking in Public. Oratory Exercises Editura Universitara


Expressing ourselves verbally in a convincing way is something we all want, it is something we all want to do and can do. To succeed, however, depends on ourselves, on the decision to do so. In this compendium, which you now have in hand, you will find the tools of persuasive oratory. Use them, because they can be yours too. Practice and you will be successful in convincing verbal communication.
The speaker is not born, it is made, even if it is certain that some are born in the best conditions or are endowed to do so, to transmit emotions and ideas, so as to convince and lead. However, it is not enough; the speaker is made, although we admit that we do not all start from the same level or degree in the ascent to effective oratory. Whoever has doubts, to follow the example of the historian Demosthenes (Athenian politician and orator, (384 ‑322 BC), considered the most persuasive orator in the history of mankind, who, to become an orator, had to overcome his severe physical deficiencies, among which, his weak voice and stammering speech, for which he had come to be teased, but thanks to his study and perseverance, he became a convincing orator and delivered the famous Philippian and Olintic speeches, among other memorable oratory works.
This compendium can help you reach your goal and communicate verbally in an effective way. It contains important elements to accompany you in the fight you are waging with stage fright, the evil that affects us all.
The book “How we speak in public. Oratory exercises” is structured on 15 chapters in which the best strategies are presented to guarantee the learning of speaking skills, studying at home, without a teacher, in a very short time. The paper contains enough information and exercises that will help you become a speaker. Even if just reading doesn't make you a speaker, you will succeed by practicing yourself. Here are the mechanisms and exercises. If you decide and act accordingly, the triumph will be in your hands.
After publishing "Speaker's Notes" and seeing the success of the first five editions of the "Speaker's Handbook, to Persuade and Eliminate Fear" - both published in Spanish - I now publish this compendium in Romanian. , thanks to the valuable contribution of the journalist Elena Chirita, whom I had the privilege of meeting at my persuasive oratory course in Venezuela.
Effective speaking is an advantage, use it to your advantage. The book you have now can help you. Get started!

Caracas, Venezuela
June 22, 2012
Paciano Padron


Dear reader,

Did you know that public speaking is personal marketing for your career and life success?
Congratulations on deciding to choose this book that will help you discover the secrets of public speaking. "How we speak in public. Oratory Exercises” is a work for the first time for Romania.
The exercises in this manual will allow you to gradually assimilate the knowledge and acquire the skills you need to remove stage fright. The method of learning without a teacher, tested by millions of people, is the shortest path to personal development. Try it too! Give yourself at least 30 minutes each day to familiarize yourself with the secrets of persuasive communication. Talking, especially talking a lot, does not mean communicating, it does not mean being a good speaker. Don't confuse conversation with speech.
Professor Paciano Padron, through the theoretical notions and practical exercises presented in this manual, specially prepared for the beginner speaker, will help you to have courage and confidence, to speak convincingly in front of a single interlocutor or in front of a large audience. If you follow the steps recommended by the author of this book, you will be convinced that oratory is not just the privilege of great actors. Regardless of your school training, your job or your age, in the absence of communication skills, your professional career will be modest, without brilliant results.
There are people who are proud of the hundreds of books read, miles of reading, but, unfortunately, they can not boast of the practice of public speaking. Shy people are below their level of professional training, below the real capacity.
Every day, on radio or TV, we hear people talking about political, social, economic and academic projects that have failed due to the lack of persuasive communication, a disease of Romanian leaders. At the same time, shyness makes many victims among pupils and students.
This practical oratory manual is your chance to assert yourself professionally.
Practice and we assure you that you will not regret it.

Elena Chirita


Persuasive oratory for success / 13

Persuasive oratory is the voice that communicates / 23

We talk with the eyes: eye contact / 31

We speak with the body: bodily expression / 41

We talk to the lungs: abdominal breathing / 49

The Decalogue of Persuasive Discourse / 57

Read speech and improvised speech / 65

The speaker is not born, he is made / 73

Effective speaker attitude / 81

The speaker learns to live with stage fright / 89

The speaker overcomes the endogenous and exogenous factors that disturb him / 99

Effective speech / 109

A type of oratory for each activity / 119

Speaker on the radio, on TV and in front of journalists / 129

Persuasive oratory for administration and leadership / 139

Bibliography / 149

Professor of Communication and Rhetoric at Venezuela's Central University and Metropolitan University, visiting professor at several universities in Latin America and the United States.
Professor of Constitutional Law at the School of Law and the School of Political Studies Faculty of Law and Political UCV.
Lawyer, historian and journalist, Paciano Padron was 20 years for Venezuelan MP.
Ten years was part of the leadership of the Andean Parliament whose president was for a term of two years.
He is the author of dozens of books on contemporary history of Venezuela and verbal communication and presented over 500 speeches in 14 countries.
In recent years, dedicated communication sciences in prestigious national and international universities, adopting academic teaching methods designed by himself, as instruments of persuasion and control tract.
As a teacher of elocution, initiated its academic teaching methodology based on practice and exercises.
Hundreds of thousands of readers have discovered the secrets of the Americas oratory in Paciano Padron works.
Among his books of reference points  "Handbook of Oratory. To convince and remove fear. "


Certified trainer: Communication, Image, Protocol and Institutional ceremony.
Former editor of the newspaper "Romania Libera", is a member of Professional Journalists Union of Romania (UZPR).
He coordinated the weekly "Diplomatic Weathercocks".
He had collaboration from Radio Romania show "Green Court" Venezuela National Radio show "Ciudadanos del Mundo" Swiss newspaper "Feuille d'Avis'.
She studied oratory at the Central University of Venezuela, Venezuelan Institute of Methodology, International Training Centre of Policy "Aristide Calvani" - IFEDEC.
She is the author of the interviews volume "Politics and Diplomacy" NominaLex Publishing, 2012.

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