Power of the gospel. Pleading for God's Word

ISBN: 978-606-591-775-0

DOI: 10.5682/9786065917750

Publisher year: 2013

Pages: 246

Publisher: Universitară


Corneliu Constantineanu
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The Bible is, by far, the most printed, most translated and most read book in the world, having a marked influence on human civilization. Has been understood throughout history as a unique source of ultimate truth to both the Church and society in general. But the main reason for the Bible's influence unparalleled in human history was the truth that it is the Word of God - inspired by God with the authority the true history of the world! Above all, the Word of God contains the wonderful news that was heard to say, the good news of the redemption of the world through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - the Gospel! And this good news, the gospel of Christ is not just a written history containing a string of truths and historical facts of the past. It is the Word of God "live and work" timeless and efficient, with a unique ability to change and transform the lives of those who read and listen to this word.

This book tries to capture some aspects of the power of the gospel to change lives, to save, to transform. Be it the authority of God's Word, God's promises, the kingdom of God, the importance of Scripture to life or personal relevance for society, each chapter of the book addresses the different perspectives, transformative power of the gospel has on those who choose to live under its authority. It looks like to live under the authority of God's Word means to put your mind and heart, thoughts and actions, principles and living all together, according to the will of God shown in Jesus Christ's life and relationship Scripture.

Corneliu Constantineanu

Dr. Corneliu Constantineanu is associate professor and rector of the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest

He has published several books and specialized studies in the field of reconciliation and Pauline theology, and is the promoter of a holistic understanding of the gospel as public truth trying to integrate Christian faith with the historical realities of everyday life. 

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