From anthill to Everest. Reason and magic

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0905-8

DOI: 10.5682/9786062809058

Publisher year: 2019

Edition: I

Pages: 330

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Costel Florescu

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The book has the mission to offer, to the author and the readers, the most suitable construction of union with Christ, in order to multiply the personal value for greatness and eternity. Personal development books have their source in the Bible and those who study it benefit the most from these books. Therefore, a vision is needed that integrates the Bible and personal development books, a vision in the form of a logical construction for a fulfilled life, the best construction that has been conceived so far. I wanted it to be, perhaps, the most fruitful book of personal development. Only by helping others can I best help myself. It is the reverse of the mentor model. It is the effect of the magical blessings of the Holy Spirit within us.
Most of us are driven by two locomotives, desire and need. Desire is easy to manage and marketing has developed the art of orientation towards perfection and irresistible. The need can be biological and spiritual. Biological need migrates to desire and overlaps with it. What remains uncovered is the spiritual need, which, although it produces the best, is little visible. This most powerful locomotive is in most cases parked somewhere to rust.
The mission of this book is to make the locomotive visible and set it in motion. To make the Pyramid of the Relationship visible and to fill it with values. Her movement means personal development, the development of skills, it means being efficient and fulfilled as we never imagined. Even if we pay someone more, he produces as much as he can, with the value he has. It is a reality for which we must not be upset, but which we must accept. In order to be able to produce more and be rewarded more, he must develop, form a high attitude, build his Pyramid of Relationship. (…)

Costel Florescu

  • DE LA MUȘUROI LA EVEREST. Ratiune si magie


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