Relevant text messages revealed. A practical support for effective ministry

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ISBN: 978-606-591-144-4

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 212

Publisher: Universitară


Samuel Bâlc
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In a context where society has become saturated by information, mass media bombarding us with thousands of messages every day, preaching came to be considered more relevant than being progressively replaced by all sorts of other activities that desired to attract crowds, especially young people.
If for some pulpits ministers of sending relevant messages is tempt listeners to express their appreciation by clapping, sending messages to other relevant ministers has become a growing burden. On the other hand, some preachers may notice that the use of communication techniques and incentives become more important than the message. No doubt that modern techniques can increase the effectiveness of communication but they should not diminish the relevance of the message.
It should be noted that not every pleduarie passion from the pulpit has divine authority. When a preacher speaks as a preacher, he must present the revealed Word and not personal opinions. A preacher may present any great voice, but when that preacher fails to submit the revealed Word, loses its authority.
The reason so many "modern sermons" no longer elicit a yawn rather than cause a deep research is the lack of confrontation of the audience with the message of God revealed in Scripture.
Sending relevant messages should not be considered a story about better times and does not mean mere transposition into a new form of ideas about God. Sending messages should be based on relevant texts revealed by God in the Scriptures.
No truth worthy to be known will not be assimilated without effort, so that if a minister wants to be relevant in the presentation of texts revealed he will be willing to pay the price.
The messages can become "spiritual platitudes" unless linking current situation listeners and eternal Word of God. It is therefore relevant messages to give the text the importance it deserves.
Aware of painful tension that exists between the ideal and reality, say the fact that these sketches of sermons do not want nothing but to offer practical support to all those involved in the work of proclaiming the Word of Spirit. With the hope that the messages shown to be as relevant, I want God to give grace to all those involved in transmitting the divine message.

The author

  • Mesaje relevante din texte revelate. Un suport practic pentru o slujire eficientă

Samuel Bâlc
Samuel Bâlc

Born on 23 April 1973, com chicken, Jud. Hunedoara, Dr. Samuiel Balc is a lecturer. University Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest.
Professor (Lecturer) in "The Romanian - American Baptist Theological Seminary" USA.
In 2007 held the position of Scientific Secretary Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest.
A graduate of Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest class of 1997, he obtained his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Bucharest in 2005.
Between 1997-2000 he served as pastor of Christian Baptist Church Racovita County. Sibiu, and in 2000 serves as pastor of Christian Baptist Church River mouth, the Community of Sibiu.
He is married to Cristina Balc and together they have two children, Daniel and Emanuel.

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