Introduction to New Testament - Letters for proper all Christians - General Epistles of the New Testament

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ISBN: 978-973-749-800-7

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 189

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Octavian Baban

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Study New Testament can be a very exciting study. Beyond the usual introduction of the first century historical context - which is almost standard format in most specialty books, including some classic technical benchmarks (historical and methodological), the volume tries to provide general letters and Revelation of the New Testament John (the first is also known by the name of Catholic or Catholic epistles) so that the reader not only to retain historical data of their composition (who, when, where and to whom he wrote the letter, which is the internal testimony of the letter - with author and recipient of the original and its context and its external testimony of the Christians of the first centuries after Christ), but their literary and theological data (that is rhetorical structure of the letter, which are its main themes, which is specific her style). Thus, one can understand the New Testament as a work of culture, but also as a document of faith, the human work, but also as divine revelation, as witness the life and message of the Savior Jesus Christ, as well as witness the beginnings of the Church.
Most New Testament introductions study aims to provide an overview of the historical context of his writing and some data about the content of books. This volume, the latest in a series of three introductory volumes study the New Testament (Gospels and Acts, Paul's Epistles, General Epistles and Revelation) adopted a different approach and aims to go one step further, to familiarize reader with the message epistles but also their cultural elements with their theology so relevant today, as well as their stylistic nuances, psychological, social, etc..
Included in this volume is the Revelation of John, although it is a prophetic type writing - poetry (ie, apocalyptic type), because it has epistolary elements in the first part of the book, which justifies an epistolary approach , General. Revelation is a letter written by 7 different entries as a seven-letter recipients (the seven churches of Revelation).
This project entry in the New Testament is, of course, one who always supports various improvements and revisions, and this is the constant concern of the author. In this perspective, beyond the minuses, the author acknowledges and apologizes, waiting at the same time as fruitful interaction with its readers, the book is aimed at awakening the interest of all readers on the message of the New Testament, on her character mainly amazing Savior Jesus Christ, and on how it was understood and presented, believed and followed the first century.

Octavian Baban 

Decembrie 2009

  • Introducere în Noul Testament - Scrisori pentu toţi creştinii - Epistolele generale ale Noului Testament

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Octavian Baban

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