Course of the New Testament Greek

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ISBN: 978-973-749-839-7

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 157

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Zoltan Szalos-Farkas

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Need a course of Greek New Testament has become much in the Adventist Theological Institute. In fact, such a course did not exist in the history of the theological schools, established in 1924. So being asked to teach the biblical languages ​​at the Institute, I began work designing a course-support, to help the students, since 1996.
Learning a foreign language is a challenge for anyone, especially a language "death" as the New Testament Koine language, although this language is more "alive" than any other modern language, by virtue of the fact that through it the truth of God's saving becomes "alive" for today's researcher. Therefore, the task of mastering the language of the student to be less difficult, we systematized the large amount of information grammatical, lexical, morphological, syntactic, so that store to be helped by the lack of long explanations, which is often , unnecessary, explanations that are more boring and Greek language courses - as such - unattractive.
It is my duty, as the author, give credit to those experts in the Greek, whose work helped in designing the course. Reference list serves this purpose. In particular, I am indebted to David Alan Black, whose book, Learn to Read New Testament Greek, Expanded Edition (Nashville, Tenn..: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1994), helped me to develop this course. Beyond the substantive issues, translation exercises are taken almost entirely from this paper.
Originality is evident in structuring course material in the manner of a system of "rule-exception". After each presentation, usually following observations, which explains and illustrates the practical features of the rule or derailments. As a teaching method, this alternation of rule-exception, presented in the form of a structure (points and items) easy to visualize, so has the merit of excess aside unnecessary explanatory text that obstructs flow of learning.

Lect. univ. dr. Szalos-Farkas Zoltán



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Zoltan Szalos-Farkas

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