Editura Universul Juridic The truth in search of the Ministry - Tuca Florentin

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Publisher: Universul Juridic

Author: Florentin Tuca

Pages: 240

Publisher year: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-39-0793-7

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When, many years ago, I first read George Orwell's 1984 novel and then, shortly thereafter, Aldous Huxley's "Wonderful New World," I enjoyed, among other things, of the immense distance that, in my naive mind, separates me from the dystopian worlds built by the two masterpieces. They were the joy of one who returns to the morning reality after waking up from a torturous nightmare and the relief of seeing, from the shore of a digestible reality, that the hideous fiction had grown on the other shore, over an insurmountable water. In the shelter of this distance, I often allowed myself the calm of contemplative glances at the immediate, rid of great turmoil and fears, loaded rather with nostalgia, introspection and even the desire for humor. I wrapped these looks and thoughts in several texts from the beginning of this collection, as a serene introduction.

As time went on, however, I realized that, slowly, the distance between the shores is beginning to shrink, and the relationship between reality and dystopia tends to take on the appearance of a friendly but dangerous neighborhood. The discovery of this increasingly visible approach to plans warned me, and most of the articles arranged chronologically in this volume are the expression of genuine disappointments, worries or alarm signals, as the case may be, associated with a predilection for comparative references to fictional universes imagined by Orwell and Huxley.
  • The truth in search of the Ministry - Tuca Florentin

Tuca Florentin

Education and training
: doctoral studies, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, graduated with great distinction cum laude in 2007; university studies, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, bachelor's degree, 1993.

Professional experience: coordinating associate lawyer of Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii, from March 2005 until now; associate lawyer / coordinating associate lawyer of Musat & Asociatii, January 1995-March 2005; preparator of the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest, 1996-1999.

Activity. Books: author of the volume of essays Galceava with the lawyer in me, published by Humanitas, 2014. Scientific research articles: studies and papers on legal issues published in Romanian journals, publications and publishing houses (Law, Journal of Commercial Law, Studia, Revista Juridica, Editura All), as well as in international publications (International Power Finance Review 2002/2003, Privatisation & Public-Private Partnership Review 2002/2003, World Markets Regulatory Analysis). Essays: articles published on the personal blog florentintuca.ro, starting with 2019; collaborator of the magazine Dilema Veche and of the sites contributors.ro, adevarul.ro, juridice.ro, hotnews.ro, since 2010. Conferences: lecturer and participant in numerous conferences and internal and international forums on current legal issues, starting since 1992.

Awards: winner of the "European Managing Partner of the Year" award, given by the British publication "The Lawyer European Awards", 2012.

Content : 
Introductory word / 9
Merry Christmas! (formerly) / 15
Inside is the leopard / 19
A few days of niponocentrism / 22
Sheep, wolves and guard dogs / 31
War propaganda and its evidence / 42
Tip office, organ control / 48
Litany on the altar of human rights / 53
History as the letter of the law / 63
Sex of political correctness / 74
FC Eminescu against FC Creanga / 82
How straight is the road to law? / 88
Truth or Dare? / 92
Code slugarnologic, the newest joke with
lawyers / 97
The nullity of historical correctness / 105
Pregnant woman or person
pregnant?… / 111
The influencer, the students and the dean / 130
The influencer, the students and the dean -
Episode 2, Happiness Course / 143
Everything that is eaten flies, we want a country like outside / 155
What do you do when you grow up? Reporting entity! / 167
It was a clear and cold April day and the clocks were ticking 13/178
At the cemetery gate. Canon Vs. Cazon / 189
Shall we wash our hands of the world? / 194
In the fold of the elbow, excuse the cacophony, 2 + 2 = 5/200
The law of football in the wonderful news
normality / 211
Sex through the wall / 220
But who are you to tell me when and how to give luck? Some remarks on the virus of legitimacy in
post-democracy / 225

Motto: Orwell's fear was that the books would be banned. Huxley's fear was that we would live in a time when there would be no reason to ban books, as no one would be interested in reading any. Orwell anticipated that we would be deprived of information. Huxley anticipated that we would be given so much information that we would be reduced to passivity and selfishness. Orwell feared that we would end up living in a time when the truth would be completely hidden from us. Huxley feared the time when the truth would be plunged into an ocean of irrelevance. Orwell was frightened at the thought of becoming a captive culture. Huxley was afraid that we would become a trivial culture (...) marked by an infinite appetite for entertainment (...). In short, Orwell expressed his fear that what we hated would destroy us, and Huxley - that it would ruin what we love.

(Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business)


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