Study on the implications of psychological stress on children's development

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ISBN: 978-606-591-333-2

DOI: 10-5682/9786065913332

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 116

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Emilia Oprişan

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Important for child psychology was the publication of Charles Darwin book - "The Origin of Species" in 1859, showing the links between humans and other species of adults and children. As a result, scientists began to study child to learn about the origins of adult behavior.
Between 1840-1841, Charles Darwin kept a diary their developing child - Doddy.He notes that while he looked at a candle in the second day of life, the child has not reached out to grasp than four months. He tried, in this diary, to determine at what age various emotions such as joy and anger, first appears.
G. Stanley Hall (1904) made questionnaires and conducted interviews about how children at different ages to understand certain concepts, such as hot and cold.Trying to understand the thinking of children, Hall thought he would come to understand the behavior and thinking adults.
The concept of mental evolution has been extensively researched, each definition discovering some aspect of this broad concept. Today, mental development can be understood as the formation and ongoing restructuring of features, processes, functions and structures by exploiting behavioral psycho-social-historical subjective experience in order to gain adaptive possibilities of the body. Although all human beings are under stress, the child, by his fragility, it is more likely to be affected by its negative consequences in the long term, or at a higher intensity than adults.
Why I chose to study stress in children? Practice is one that comes the need to answer these questions. Given the complexity of human development, it is important to focus on issues that may interfere negatively with achievement of individual potential of each child's development. Becoming more aware of specific problems of this age and their importance, we hope to help identify those factors that might facilitate understanding of some aspects of stress at the early age, and why not, maybe to ease the process of psycho-therapeutic intervention , and why not, even at the family level.

  • Studiu asupra implicaţiilor stresului psihic în dezvoltarea copiilor




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Emilia Oprişan

Assistant Professor Ph.D. University of Bucharest, FPSE, Special Psycho-Education
Specialist clinical psychologist
Specialist physiotherapist

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