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Editura Universitara School today, school of tomorrow - International Symposium, Fifth Edition, May 6, 2011

14,45 Lei

ISBN: ISSN - 1844-6981

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: V


Publisher: Universitară

Author: --

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Formation of individual and collective consciousness has always done in the mostconsistent through education. School was the culture where they learned the language, history and geography national, but also an environment for earlysocialization. Through training, citizens are sensitized to future citizenship and loyaltyto values.

School that fails to transmit values ​​to form competent to change the mentality is the spiritual center of the community there. Our belief, all teachers in School no. 114 "Princess Margaret" is that we can change mentalities offering children and, through them, local community members not only modern models of education, but alsopatterns of behavior.

 Aware that represent models for students, we always tried to experience enrichmentthrough contact with other teachers in the country and abroad. Experience gainedduring the implementation time of national and European projects helped us to organize the International Symposium for four years "School today, school of tomorrow". We have worked this year with teachers from Romania, Portugal and Italy.By comparison with others, we easily identified boundaries, the delays and we coulddevelop strategies to overcome them as soon as possible. We now speak of the existence of an organizational culture of our own school, recognized and appreciatedin the school community in Bucharest and offered best practices model for organizingthe symposium.


Prof. Daniela TURCSANYI-Manolescu,

Director School  no. 114 "Princess Margaret"


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