Management of hospital wards

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ISBN: 978-973-749-948-6

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 310

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Vasile G. Ciubotaru, Eugen Avram

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Hospital management department represent the current orientation of most practical relevance in the Romanian health management. Troubled history of the local health system showed that all reforms, all the promises and level changes were not expected results modernization plan beneficiaries and employees of the system. Significant results were obtained through the efforts of doctors, heads of department, clinic. All system problems were deeply felt by practitioners by patients. This fact led us to promote more specialized works in health management, with direct reference to organization management, health facilities: Management of health systems and organizations (2010, Editor: AV Ciurea, Cary L. Cooper, Eugene Abram Publishing University "Carol Davila", Bucharest), Modern Management in Health Organizations. Perspectives in neurosurgery services (2009, Authors: AV Ciurea, VG Ciubotaru, E. Abram, Medical Publishing House, Bucharest), management development in health organizations. Excellence in neurosurgery services (2007, Authors: AV Ciurea, V. Gh. Ciubotaru, E. Abraham, University Publishing House, Bucharest).

Each head of department has learned that a practice management system consistent only confused the Section can be saved! Practitioners must find internal solutions without waiting for the system support of them. Therefore, hospital wards management solution is most relevant in the current context. Each must be autogospogareasca, take care of their ward, clinic, his own department, department, trying to avoid "meteorites" that come with great speed from the Ministry, from the system and produce curemure. Each physician should focus on "use" it.

This book proposes a new destiny of those who devoted themselves to medicine: managing the department, agreeing to be abandoned by the system. Of course by now all heads of department, all practitioners have done this, but for now this trend is official. She asked to put up new coordinates the organization, mobilitare. In other words, today we LET RETHINK trebiue a historic moment of crisis, in a confused, in a society where we blame and invited to go to serve other health systems. Yes, we must revive in our departments, we concerned about our patients, employees to drive on the right track, to get to fulfill its duty and mission!

This work complements our editorial efforts of previous years and make the transition from system-level management, organization management at the departmental management.

Appearance to include editorial contributions of several authors appreciate the practical and medical litratura. Each examines a number of current realities and proposes some remedies internally by department.

In Part I of the management aspects are dealt with organization and management department / department: current trends of the management department of the hospital amid the current challenges in the health system, management by objectives, management of clinical department, the stress and risks of the profession.

Part II takes into account human resources management, training, work satisfaction and motivation, principles of management and staff relocation.

Part III is devoted to the relationship between healthcare professionals and patient, including his family. Chapters include interesting approach on patient trust in personal relationships, specific aspects of dealing with terminal patients, elderly or diagnosed with cancer, the relationship with the patient's attendants.

Without claiming that exhausts the range of issues or topics located at the base of representative organizations in the health system, hospital ward, the paper aims to mobilize internal challenge to all physicians for local management to propose solutions. Work deliberately not treat issues related to administrative or management services, but focuses on the organizational approach targeting two major issues:

1. management system, revealing opportunities for development oriented processes and organizational behavior,

2. relationship with the client / patient, selecting the analysis of special populations, taking into account the personality and conduct of healthcare professionals, and family or "carer" patient.

Prof. Dr. A. V. Ciurea

Chief of Neurosurgery Clinic part,
Sp. Cl. The Urg. Bagdasar-Arseni, Bucharest

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Vasile G. Ciubotaru

Dr. Basil G. Ciubotaru is neurochirurng MD, PhD in medical sciences. Neurosurgery Clinic III is Chief of Emergency Hospital Bagdasar-Arseni. Outstanding professional achievements: the first endoscopic ventriculocisternostomie in Romania, the first determination of intraoperative evoked potential in Romania; introduction microscope operator and assisting in endoscopic pituitary tumors transsfenoidal address, first transfenoidal endoscopic approach to pituitary tumors in Romania. Is Treasurer of the Romanian Society of Neurosurgery 1990; organizer of over 20 national and international scientific meetings, over 100 scientific participation in events, the author of numerous works in the field of neurosurgery and health management.

Eugen Avram

Eugen Avram is Lecturer. PhD,  Department of Psychology / P.S.E. University of Bucharest.
He has three masters in psychology.
His work included teaching constantly disciplines: psychology, management, leadership and management, organizational change and development.
He is responsible with the activity of the Department of the Romanian Society of Neurosurgery and performs research and development organizational health, at Emergency Hospital Bagdasar-Arseni.
He has published over 30 research studies in professional journals.
Is coordinator of several books:
- Current Trends in organizational psychology, Polirom, (2008, co-publisher: Cary L. Cooper),
- Psychology in modern organizations (2008),
- Psychology in a 
positive world (2008),
- Organizational Psychology-management - applied perspectives (2007),
- Psychology/ management in the European context (2007, co-publisher: RZ Cretu) (all Editura Universitara, Bucharest).
He is the author of the first books with applications in health psychology / neurosurgery services: Development of health management organizations - service excellence of Neurosurgery, University Publishing House, Bucharest (with AV Ciurea and V. Gh. Ciubotaru).

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