Atlas of Forensic Histopathology

96,33 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-428-5

DOI: 10.5682/9786065914285

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 158

Publisher: Universitară

Author: George Cristian Curca, Dan Dermengiu, Mihai Ceauşu

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There is a constant need for the presentation of specified issues related pathology forensic science. Techniques and histological examination in forensic pathology is a special and unique pathological anatomy. Comparing it with clinical histopathology, applies similar techniques, there are some notable differences. First nature histopathology specimens is significantly different between clinical and forensic. Second examination spectrum of tissues and organs is different between the two specialties.

Ability to identify aspects of macroscopic pathology in whole unfixed organs and histopathological findings of decoding is an essential precondition for forensic pathology work. Saying it is implicitly required that medical examiner to recognize diseases of all organs, so you can examine and report. Coroner routinely examine the heart, lungs, liver, brain and kidney albeit with a slightly different focus: clinical histopathology examination is for diagnosis and prognosis, by contrast, the main purpose of forensic examination is to determine the cause of death.

Atlas of Forensic Histopathology consists in a paper clear, concise and very well done. Presents color images of interest to physicians forensic odontology, forensic anthropologists, specialists in genetics, forensics and all who interact routinely with forensic specialty. It is useful both for the training of specialists in pathology and as part of an ongoing forensic place would have increased importance.

Prof. Dr. Drs. H. C. Stefan Pollak
Director of the University Institute of Forensic
Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany
President of the German Society of Medicine

  • Atlas de histopatologie medico-legală


Capitolul 1. Patologia aparatului respirator / 7

Capitolul 2. Patologia aparatului cardio-vascular / 31

Capitolul 3. Patologia sistemului nervos central / 75

Capitolul 4. Patologia şocului / 101

Capitolul 5. Patologia pielii, ţesuturilor moi şi oaselor / 115

Capitolul 6. Patologia sistemului digestiv  / 129

Capitolul 7. Patologia sarcinii / 136

Capitolul 8. Elemente de histo-tanatologie  / 142

Anexa / 146

Bibliografie / 152

Index / 156

George Cristian Curca

Consultant forensic


Specialist pathologist

Lecturer at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Department of Morphological Sciences and Pharmacy "Carol Davila"

Medical Director of INML "Mina Minovici", Bucharest

Dan Dermengiu

Consultant forensic

MD Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine (Head of Department), Department of Morphological Sciences and Pharmacy "Carol Davila"

Director General of INML "Mina Minovici", Bucharest

President of Romanian Society of Legal Medicine

Editor in chief of "Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine", Bucharest

Mihai Ceauşu

Consultant pathologist


Lecturer, Department of Pathology, Department of Morphological Sciences and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Bucharest

Head of Pathology Department, INML "Mina Minovici", Bucharest

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