Editura Universitara Thresholds

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Volume awarded with the SECOND PRIZE within the Manuscript Contest FULFILL A DREAM - POETRY section

ISBN: 978-606-28-1310-9

DOI: 10.5682/9786062813109

Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 108

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Mihaela Oancea

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Mihaela Oancea writes a mature artistic poetry, with a precise cut of the verse and the ability to capture relationships between the external reality and the lucidity that fixes her in snapshots, roles, masks. The sense of observation is sharp, so that "the world" and "life" will be perceived, from within them, in a different and unique way. Most of the texts are short and concentrated, remarkably constructed, offering the attentive reader not only the proof of a lyrical talent, but also that of a poetic culture.
The volume is well worth the prize obtained when it was only a manuscript.

Daniel Cristea-Enache

For a poet who has the cult of silence, Mihaela Oancea is quite talkative and hardworking editorial. Although he knows all too well that "words remain unfaithful," while "our silences are the bypass / what heals our wounds," the poet being, he can do nothing but achieve silence through speech. Or at least to delegate the confession on account of a report on Isabelle, so that she can use a descriptive language, somewhat neutralized, instead of a participatory one. But this only in the first issue of this triptych, because otherwise he puts himself in the equation, professing spring images, handwritten in the Chinese way ("runs among dandelions / with rain in his backpack"), mixed with book references and neologisms a bit ostentatious, to cope with what is really happening around her, where "fear pours like mud". This fear is exorcised by Mihaela, using imaginative candor and saturated referentiality as a precarious shield.

Al. Cistelecan

"Loneliness in two", in the words of a well-known poet, is sometimes shared, on the spiral of life, by the presence of not at all easy futility. The fear of death, raised on the pedestal, sums up a result of a lyrical path with ingenious "knots and signs". For Mihaela Oancea, silence reverberates silence and depth. From the wings of rest, the words take out their crest, as from a matrix, like the flowers in the snow crust. Cold and hot emotions overwhelm, but also destabilize. Add, but also waste. A symbolism of the chiaroscuro, well done by the author, in this remarkable volume, convinces me to say that Mihaela Oancea is a distinct name in our poetry today.

Nicolae Panaite
Member of the Romanian Writers' Union - Children's and Youth Literature Branch (since 2016)
Member of the Steering Committee of the Literature Branch for children and youth (USR Bucharest - since 2018)
Literary editor at RadioTv Unirea - Austria (since November 20, 2013 - present), USR Magazine - Blue Moments (since July 2017 - present) and permanent contributor to the Banquet (editor-in-chief Dumitru Velea)
Magazine appearances: Literary Movement, Literary Romania, New York Magazine, Tiuk, Literary Syntagms, Feed Back, Tribune, Discobolus, Conta, Lead, Literary North, Signs, Time, Letters, Pro Saeculum, Poetry, Ark, Poetry, Hyperion, Apostrophe, Alternating (Munich), Morning Star, Urmuz, Family, New Magazine, Literary News, Neuma, Literature, Calligraphy, Romanian Life, Arts, Literary Conversations, Leviathan, Cultural Express, Braces, etc.

Note on the book / 5

dependency / 9
opalescent / 10
the words / 11
subject to circadian rhythm / 12
increases and collapses / 13
promise / 14
paradox / 15
knew / 16
if he hadn't believed his story / 17
watercolor effect / 18
without any trace of rebellion / 19
engagement ring / 20
remember / 21
the swan of Lohengrin / 22
gradually / 23
silence and depth / 24
in cracked reality like eggshell / 25
sometimes / 26
colors / 27
nightmare / 28
ninot dolls / 29
in quiet silence / 30
testimony about the marginalization of being / 31
contradiction / 32
estuary / 33
nodes / 34
way back / 35
the island where you dream green / 36
with quiet simplicity / 37
refuge / 38
return to self / 39
eternal shadows / 40
synchronism / 41
clarification / 42
in the new paradigm / 43
easy and free / 44
beyond the door / 45
live sleep / 46

cube / 49
shouted blue / 50
autopsied thresholds / 51
in dreams with smooth edges / 52
here I opened the gates of my being / 53
let's stay at the taifas / 54
circular silences / 55
the same stairs / 56
apples of idunna / 57
the earth / 58
ring reality / 59
song / 60
cause of mutiny / 61
from one moment to the next / 62
cicadas and cherry blossoms / 63
first silence / 64
to do looping / 65
intermezzo / 66
in stillness / 67
with a crazy mind / 68
instant lycanthrope / 69
only grass rules eternity / 70
trip / 71
curse / 72
in search of a meaning / 73
roots in the sky / 74
I never cry / 75
wheat grains / 76
archaeological / 77
on the other / 78
the one with red cotton salt / 79
dolphins / 80
the light that fills the house / 81

perspective / 85
purple border / 86
sublata causa, tollitur effectus / 87
with stubbornness / 88
haute couture tearing / 89
for a while / 90
illusion / 91
with air buff and indifferent / 92
behind bars / 93
reeducator / 94
tireless birth / 95
memento / 96
like a knife between the shoulder blades / 97
at interrogations / 98
screaming underground / 99
to the illusory rhythm of a tambourine / 100
gradually / 101
plans without witnesses / 102
draped in white / 103

THRESHOLDS are the steps climbed daily in the perfection of our being. They are the limit situations, the attempts that can destroy and, in equal measure, save, thus contributing to the result of the ontological scenario.

Isabelle or the windows of a failed communication

Isabelle, of an outraged sensitivity, slightly neurotic, abandons herself to long daydreams, generally cutting ties with the troubled, superficial and petty world. A sculptor is saved by the woman's love. In tandem, the two discover each other both in silence and in speech, confident that words can dig, hurt, or, on the contrary, can be redemptive. Unfortunately, there is a fault between them that cannot be overcome. For a while, his cashmere sweater, the aroma of tobacco become realities that follow her and determine her to look for the meanings of that miserable happiness. Fascinated by the silence and the depth of silence, Isabelle will reconfigure it, she will take refuge in Vivaldi's harmonics, she will thus untie the knots that will release her being.

Autopsied thresholds

The fact that we are, in the end, self-destructive, and death makes hand signals to us every day, is a reality that is difficult to allow. The same silence here is the "baypass that heals our wounds." And yet, sometimes the talk of death injected into the blood and lymph can be a lever for acceptance. However, the inability to save your own mother invariably brings pain. You can only hope that the earth will wait. "Man - bird in the dive / to the marrow / clay" seeks to understand that life is an accumulation of condensation and dissipation, of ups and downs to which he must learn the purpose in order to enjoy the full side of the glass.

Solitary - haute couture tearing

The poetic snapshots are inspired by what can be seen in the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and Resistance (from Sighet), from Pitesti and beyond. I consider that the specification itself is sufficient for the informed reader to understand and quantify the proportions of this type of suffering, the thresholds of pain, that underground cry that urges, of course, to forgetfulness.

Mihaela Oancea

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