Editura Universitara The tablet and the forbidden castle

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Volume awarded with the FIRST PRIZE within the Manuscript Contest FULLFILL OF A DREAM - section LITERATURE FOR CHILDREN

ISBN: 978-606-28-1312-3

DOI: 10.5682/9786062813123

Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 186

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Cristina Centea

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"A bad feeling had suddenly crept into their souls:
"Something's wrong with that castle," Alexandra murmured. I don't know if it's good to go there!
- And what you want? Shall we go back to the cave?
The children looked at the entrance once more. Black, left. Inside were huge spiders with bloodshot eyes. And the pirate skeletons. Clearly, they could not return. []
All they had to do was go ahead, following in Sebi's footsteps, no matter how much they worried about the advice of the forest animals, who had told them to get away from the place.
- Look, is that the Castle?
He narrowed his eyes, measuring more closely the figure they had seen in front of them, far away, on the horizon. Among the trees were a few white turrets, each with a round, blue roof.
"Yes, that must be it," cried Matthew, victoriously. It doesn't look bad at all!
Indeed, the image of the Castle looked pretty and friendly in the golden light of the sunset. Bright white and bright blue formed a pleasing contrast to the eye. It doesn't look like a forbidden place to inspire fear.
"Maybe they were all afraid of another castle," the girl murmured, her voice full of hope. "
  • The tablet and the forbidden castle

She lives in Brasov, where she is an English teacher.
In 2016, she obtained the third place at the short prose competition Romania over 100 years, within ROMCON.
In 2020 she won the Polirom Junior manuscript contest with the children's adventure novel Alex Blue, the alien boy.
He has also published in various literary journals, as well as in the anthology Shades of Pepper and Chocolate (Siono Publishing House, 2020).

Chapter 1.   The Unknown Boy / 5
Chapter 2.   An unexpected gift / 11
Chapter 3.   A strange tablet / 16
Chapter 4.   The Secret of Sebi / 20
Chapter 5.   Too much magic / 2
Chapter 6.   Alone in the mysterious forest / 28
Chapter 7.   Margaret with many petals / 33
Chapter 8.   In search of the cave / 41
Chapter 9.   The dangers of darkness / 48
Chapter 10. The enchanted diamond / 55
Chapter 11. The secret city of spiders / 65
Chapter 12. A ray of hope / 74
Chapter 13. The lost pencils / 88
Chapter 14. A river of story / 96
Chapter 15. The journey becomes dangerous / 102
Chapter 16. Closer to collapse / 109
Chapter 17. The Court with Dwarves / 119
Chapter 18. Prisoners / 129
Chapter 19. Monsters in the Castle / 139
Chapter 20. Other doors, other monsters / 147
Chapter 21. Who is the Frog? / 153
Chapter 22. The destroyed notebook / 162
Chapter 23. Alexandra against Loli / 172
Chapter 24. The last petal of the flower / 176
Chapter 25. The tablet should disappear / 180

The Tablet and the Forbidden Castle is the result of a long process of "chiseling". It started as a joke, like an improvised story at the request of my grandchildren. Over time, the action crystallized, developed, becoming transformed into a book with many adventures.


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