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CISMIGIU books Displacement. Volume 1 + 2 - Cezar-Octavian Andrei

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Publisher: Cismigiu Books

Author: Andrei Cezar Octavian

Edition: I

Pages: 426, 410

Publisher year: 2024

ISBN: 9786062817183

DOI: 10.5682/9786062817169, 10.5682/9786062817176

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To the Hangans and the others who took the hardships of life with dignity, leaving a legacy for their descendants, so as not to understand their hardships as a curse. From the ocean of many events, an unforgettable drop with an exhortation to steadfastness for all hanganis: to remain hanganis regardless of the horizon towards which life directs their steps! And let the icon of a village remain a place of endless remembrance!


Everyone's duty is a last eviction. The place doesn't matter anymore, because we all belong to the earth. We owe it to the rest, not to let oblivion cast the darkness of time over him.
Our good friend, Teoctist, used to say that there is no more important town in the country, where we cannot find an engineer from Hangu. Whether he is an engineer, a teacher, a doctor, or whatever, it is important that he remains cool. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born and live in a fairytale land.
The events in the book are like the letters sent by Sava to Gornescu, read by Minodora with astonishment and regret, that she could not share them from the beginning. They could only be fast or slow, sometimes crazy like the life of Bistrita, from which the memory shines a thread of light. A light sometimes saddened by people's thoughtless starts. I wish there were more. From the human life, through the sieve of oblivion, how much is not lost? Whatever you want, they remain secrets even for those who gave them life. At some I was shared. Others were carried by the memory of those around them, as they were lived then. So that they don't get lost, I collected them in this book, convinced that when I was talking about Sava, I was talking about the life of the village, which was not easy at all with all the miraculous existence of the plains that surround it.

2022 ... After a few years of traveling through memories!

* * 

For the hangars, Bistrita, so dear, will no longer delight the air with the songs of the clouds. Their village, built with the labor of thousands of years, was banished to the world. The chance to return was lost in the swirl of drowning. Ruins and broken thoughts remained.
Displacement saddened the present, leaving the steps to climb the unwanted steps of the future. The connection with the past will be woven by memories in a light full of pain.
The light? Will we understand the sacrifice of the Sun to send it to the Earthlings? God's command, Let there be light!, made man sit against man


On the way of the cross, next to the Sava, we will find out the price of man-made light.
A long way, walked more on foot, with his military shoes, in a strong cadence, shaped his life according to the exhortation of forgiveness. From where to where? From the parental home flashed by the flood of light spun by the tumult of the waters, to the fog of oblivion.
Even we, who knew him, cannot say more. His words were few and precious.
The purpose of other houses was understood by moving the bones to the Chiriteni mountain.
Seeing Vladimir's attitude, we will feel the crucifixion of the village with another indulgence. A Fairy who wanted a hangan made his little army to present the honor of all the heroes in the Hangan cemetery.
There are more heroes! Soulmates who failed to show important things without making a mistake.
Sava was wrong! Gornescu's words: "This man only knows how to make mistakes out of honor!"
The displacement of other people should also be taken into account. We will meet some of them, I only remember Elena, Marin Furtuna's niece, who will show us that you can find hangars not only on the back of the Moon.

  • Displacement. Volume 1 - Cezar-Octavian Andrei

  • Displacement. Volume 2 - Cezar-Octavian Andrei

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