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Editura Universitara Manual interpretation and application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in Vienna

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0424-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786062804244

Publisher year: 2018

Edition: I

Pages: 332

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Daniel-Mihail Sandru, Nicolae D. Ploesteanu, Hilda Sumalan

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The Handbook on the Application and Interpretation of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is a good guide for lawyers of companies engaged in international trade relations, an extremely useful documentary for legal practitioners interested in their application status in Romania, especially to the courts, of the Convention and, especially, this manual comes in support of the activity of students and professors from the universities where the discipline of international commercial law is studied. As the paper is entitled, students and teachers have at hand a Handbook containing the key elements of introspection and dynamics of knowledge, respectively the application of the Vienna Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods.
  • Manual de aplicare si interpretare a Conventiei de la Viena privind vanzarea internationala de marfuri

Daniel-Mihail Sandru
University professor at the University of Bucharest, "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University. He founded and coordinates the Center for European Law Studies of the Institute for Legal Research "Acad. Andrei Radulescu ”of the Romanian Academy. Ad hoc judge at the European Court of Human Rights and arbitrator at the International Commercial Arbitration Court attached to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. President of the Society of Legal Sciences and of the Romanian Association of European Law and Affairs. Editor-in-Chief of the Romanian Journal of European Law (Wolters Kluwer).

Nicolae D. Ploesteanu
Associate Professor PhD at "Petru Maior" University, Targu Mures and director - Department of Law and Public Administration. He founded and coordinated the Ius Iuventutis law circle, specializing in the field of international treaties. He is a member of ASIL - American Society of International Law and of the Romanian Association of European Law and Affairs - ARDAE.

Hilda Sumalan
Hilda Sumalan graduated from the Faculty of Law at Petru Maior University and continued her studies at Queen Mary University in London, specializing in Energy Law. Passionate about international arbitration, she studied with interest the issue of energy investment protection and dispute resolution between investors and the state. He coordinated and elaborated the second and third parts of this volume.


Abbreviations / 10
Foreword / 11

PART I / 17
Preliminary details / 17
CVIM and jurisdictional courts / 18
Personal scope of CVIM / 19
Typologies in the application of CVIM / 19
The will of the parties. / 21
CVIM is part of Romanian law / 21
Tacit exclusion of CVIM by applying Romanian law. / 22
Exclusion of CVIM and application of Romanian company law / 23
CVIM, legislation, education and teaching / 24
Material scope of CVIM - extension of the Convention and of contracts not for international sale / 25
Interpretation of CVIM - national and international influences / 26
CVIM is applied exclusively, without reference to the provisions of the Romanian ratification law / 26
CVIM is used as an authority argument. / 28
CVIM is used as a comparison element. / 29
Autonomous interpretations, lex specialis / 30
Reservations / Declarations (Art. 92 - 96 CVIM) / 31
Other problems occurred in the application of CVIM / 31
Conformity of goods / 31
Termination of the contract under the conditions of Art. 49 CVIM: / 32
Jurisdictional solutions regarding the payment of the price / 33
CVIM autonomy in administrative litigation / 34
New York Convention on the Prescription of International Sales of Goods and CVIM / 36

Convention on the International Sale of Goods / 38
Article 1/38
Article 2/42
Article 3/46
Article 4/49
Article 5/54
Article 6/58
Article 7/62
Article 8/65
Article 9/67
Article 10/70
Article 11/74
Article 12/76
Article 13/78
Article 14/80
Article 15/83
Article 16/86
Article 17/89
Article 18/91
Article 19/94
Article 20/96
Article 21/99
Article 22/101
Article 23/103
Article 24/105
Article 25/108
Article 26/114
Article 27/117
Article 28/120
Article 29/123
Article 30/127
Article 31/129
Article 32/132
Article 33/135
Article 34/138
Article 35/140
Article 36/144
Article 37/147
Article 38/149
Article 39/151
Article 40/153
Article 41/155
Article 42/159
Article 43/164
Article 44/167
Article 45/170
Article 46/173
Article 47/176
Article 48/178
Article 49/181
Article 50/185
Article 51/187
Article 52/188
Article 53/191
Article 54/193
Article 55/195
Article 56/197
Article 57/199
Article 58/201
Article 59/203
Article 60/205
Article 61/207
Article 62/209
Article 63/211
Article 64/213
Article 65/215
Article 66/217
Article 67/219
Article 68/221
Article 69/223
Article 70/225
Article 71/226
Article 72/230
Article 73/232
Article 74/235
Article 75/237
Article 76/239
Article 77/242
Article 78/244
Article 79/245
Article 80/249
Article 81/251
Article 82/253
Article 83/255
Article 84/256
Article 85/258
Article 86/260
Article 87/261
Article 88/262
Article 89/264
Article 90/266
Article 91/270
Article 92/272
Article 93/274
Article 94/277
Article 95/279
Article 96/281
Article 97/283
Article 98/285
Article 99/287
Article 100/290
Article 101/291

PART III-A / 294
INDEX / 327
Bibliography / 329

The Handbook on the Interpretation and Application of the Vienna Convention on International Sale, as the title implies, is a study on the interpretation and application of this international treaty, intended primarily for students interested in the subject of international trade law. This was elaborated with the contribution of the close university professor doctor Mihai Sandru, of Hilda Sumalan, as well as of mine.

The research was supported by the Ius Iuventutis Circle, its members being united around a common cause, namely the desire to know the field and participate in the international commercial arbitration competition in Vienna: Laurentiu Bucur, Diana Chibulcutean, Patricia-Stefania Crisan, Iulia Diana David , Robert Gilyen, Alex Suciu, Andreea Ruxana Grebla, Andrei Maris, Maria Andreea Moldovan, Raul Miron, Cristina Nicolaescu.

The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is the main regulation on the adoption of uniform rules applicable to contracts for the sale and purchase of international goods. Currently, 84 states have acceded to that convention, including Romania, which acceded in 1991.

The first part of this paper analyzes the acceptance of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods by Romanian Courts in light of recent jurisprudence - arbitral and judicial decisions - both from the personal and material perspective of the Convention.

In the second part of this paper, which is intended to be a manual to facilitate the easy understanding of each article of the convention, various comments have been made. Moreover, both main ideas and questions were extracted for each article, a method that facilitates students' work of assimilating concepts.

The last part of the textbook contains synthesis elements of CVIM, which are very useful for those who are interested in understanding the interpretation and application of the convention, but also for teachers when they are interested in testing students by reference to topics.

I am very pleased to write these lines thinking that I have managed together with newly initiated researchers in the field to develop this paper, which will be useful both to those who focus on the field of international sale of goods, either on university benches or those of the arbitral tribunals or panels. In this way I also express my gratitude for the fruitful collaboration I had especially with Professor Mihai Sandru and Iulia David in the thematic advocacy competitions held at Petru Maior University in Tirgu-Mures, in the spring of recent years.

Dr. Nicolae-Dragos Ploesteanu

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