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Editura Universitara ECHR judgment in cases against Romania - 1994-2012 - Analysis of consequences potentially responsible authorities (8 volumes)

433,49 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-710-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786065917101

Publisher year: 2013

Edition: I

Pages: 3500

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Dragos Calin, Irina Alexandra Neagu, Bianca Tandarescu, Serena Militaru, Elena Blidaru, Roxana Lacatusu, Mihaela Vasiescu, Paula-Andrada Cotovanu, Beatrice Ramascanu, Alexandra Lancranjan, Cristina Radu, Florin Mihaita, Anamaria Lucia Zaharia, Lavinia Circiumaru, Ionut Militaru, Victor Horia Dimitrie Constantinescu, Roxana-Maria Calin, Costel Cristinel Ghigheci

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Roxana-Maria Calin

Judge, Court of Bucharest

Dragos Calin
Bianca Tandarescu

Judge, Court of Appeal

Mihaela Vasiescu

Judge, Court of Appeal Targu Mures

Paula-Andrada Cotovanu

Judge, judicial inspection, the Superior Council of Magistracy

Beatrice Ramascanu

Judge, Court of Bucharest

Serena Militaru Judge, Court of District 2 Bucharest
Alexandra Lancranjan

Prosecutor, Prosecutor's Office District 2 Bucharest Court

Cristina Radu

Judge, Court of Constanta

Elena Blidaru Judge, Court of Sector 1 Bucharest
Florin Mihaita

Judge, Court of Sector 4 Bucharest

Roxana Lacatusu
Anamaria Lucia Zaharia
Lavinia Circiumaru
Ionut Militaru

Judge, Court of Bucharest

Costel Cristinel Ghigheci

Judge, Court of Appeal Brasov

Irina Alexandra Neagu

Judge, Court of Bucharest

Victor Horia Dimitrie Constantinescu

Judge, Court of Alexandria

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