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Editura Universitara Stone Land. Short monograph

24,09 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-119-2

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 171

Publisher: Universitară


Radu Jude
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I recently read the manuscript with great interest the new book about the country Moti and I enjoyed the novelty of her, worth putting much-needed level of knowledge today of such units so special and ethnographic complex in Romania and the world.
Based on an extensive bibliography and representative, Mr. L Dr. Radu Jude proposes new readers a trip to the Land Moti, horizontally and vertically. Last coordinated a perfect mastery of geological point and beyond. So, as a specialist in geology as already known, information on the geological structure of this country is now as complete and clear to all readers well, whether endorsed or not.
Of course, a special interest in prehistoric times until today, this precious metals since gold remains an attraction for everyone. But there is another gain of informing contained in text and illustration that accompanies suggestive. This concerns, among others, how to harvest precious metal from the earliest times of human presence in the region and, of course, with the advent of its interest for gold.
Sources used are numerous and well balanced, from the archaeological and / or due to ancient writings, to the ethnographic, often very valuable, as every reader can see, they happily fill information from ancient times until today.
Beyond the evolution of the central point of interest for the region, the exploitation of gold, the book informs careful about the vestiges and monuments important, some less known handles in the "Country", a name inherited directly from the Latin word terra.
The natural and permanent human presence are given special attention. In the latter case, the author, even if not historically left the reader clearly understand the origin of Moti, beyond their evolution through the Middle Ages, and modern and contemporary very well informed contribution to the formation of this segment Dalmatian component of Romanism. She was otherwise and clearly documented in the first decade of the XXI century by archaeological finds from Rosia Montana, caused by preventive research there, legally binding before the start of any surface gold mining in the area.
So, from the historical and geological description then travel recommendations, this book is a real gain in understanding the region and attraction for many people can be safe and is the Country Moti.

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Radu Jude
Radu Jude

Geologist Radu Jude was born on 24 August 1931 in Avram Iancu village in the county Alba.

He graduated in Geology from the former Institute of Mining technique in Bucharest in 1957.

He served seven years as a geologist Enterprise Geological Prospecting of the former committee, two years as researcher at the Institute of Geology and Geography of the Academy, and in 1966, higher education in the former Institute of Oil, Gas and Geology, and the University of Bucharest. He retired in 1996 with academic rank of Associate Professor.

He searched vulcanites Neogene and related mineralization of these formations, in some areas of the mountains Oas and Gutai Mountains and the Ore Mountains magmatic laramic banatitice Bihar Poiana Rusca and Banat with interesting results in terms of scientific and practical interest, economic.

Radu Jude and a Ph.D. in geological sciences laureate Gregory Cobalcescu Romanian Academy. He co-authored or authored more than 60 papers published in national and international journals. He has published two books: one treating metallic ores in 2006, another in 2011, about the time bomb, a short monograph.

This book evokes significant moments before the Second World War, during and after this historic event and get in actuality, to surprise the "Zeitgeist" (spirit of the age) of each moment. Geological brief retrospective on the Baia Mare region, in the Gutai Mountains and the Ore Mountains is trying to illustrate the progress made in recent decades, scientific fandirea geology.

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