Romania - tourism potential

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ISBN: 978-973-749-749-9

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: III

Pages: 464

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Laura Comanescu, Mihai Ielenicz

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The book "Romania - tourism potential" addresses not only students who are preparing to provide services in tourism but for all those who want to know and apply at least some of the information provided foncdul (teachers, travel agents, guides, instructors) .

Partea I

Baza teoretica  /5

1. Turismul si potentialul turistic/ 5

2. Potentialul turistic al principalelor componente de mediu; favorabilitate si restricti-

      onari pentru activitatea turistica/ 38

3. Diferentierea de unitati dupa potentialul turistic pe teritoriul Romaniei/ 58

Partea II

1. Provincii, regiuni,  zone si centre turistice /69

1.    Zona turistica complexa Oas/71

2.    Regiunea turistica naturala Ignis‑Gutai/74

3.    Zona turistica naturala ‑Muntii Rodnei/77

4.    Zona turistica naturala Rarau‑Giumalau /83

5.    Zona turistica naturala Calimani/ 87

6.    Zona turistica naturala‑Muntii Harghita/ 91

7.    Zona turistica complexa Trotus‑Onesti/ 97

8.    Zona turistica naturala a Muntilor Bucegi/101

9.    Zona turistica naturala‑Muntii Fagaras/106

10. Zona turistica naturala a Muntilor Iezer/113

11. Zona turistica naturala Muntii Cozia/117

12. Zona turistica Muntii Capatanii/121

13. Zona turistica naturala Muntii Cindrel/125

14. Zona turistica naturala Muntii Parang/129

15. Zona turistica naturala – Muntii Sureanu/135

16. Zona turistica complexa Hateg‑Deva/140

17. Zona turistica naturala Muntii Tarcu/145

18. Zona turistica naturala Muntii Godeanu/ 149

19. Zona turistica naturala Muntii Retezat/ 152

20. Regiunea turistica Maramures/157

21. Regiunea turistica Bucovina/166

22. Regiunea turistica Bistrita/177

23. Regiunea turistica Gheorgheni‑Ciuc/193

24. Regiunea turistica Brasov /

25. Regiunea turistica a curburii (Teleajen‑Buzau‑Vrancea)/226

26. Regiunea turistica Arges‑ Prahova/242

27. Regiunea turistica Oltenia de Nord/ 253

28. Regiunea turistica Banat/264

29. Regiunea turistica Muntii Apuseni/275

2. Provincia turistica Moldova  colinara  /292

      2.1.  Regiunea turistica Campia Moldovei (Moldova de nord-est)/293

      2.2. Axa turistica Barlad/ 301

      2.3. Axa turistica Siret/305

3. Provincia turistica Dobrogea  /309

4. Provincia turistica danubiano-getica/324

5. Provincia turistica dealurile Transilvaniei  /359

6. Provincia dealurilor si campiilor din vestul tarii (Banato-Somesana) /392 


Metodologie,  mijloace, aplicatii /409

1. Oferta, programul turistic si raportul lor cu potentialul turistic/409

2. Criterii de apreciere a potentialului turistic /412

3. Chestionare utilizate in diferite studii de potential turistic/418

4. Prezentarea potentialului turistic in materialele publicitare /432

5. Prezentarea de catre ghid (insotitor de grup) unui obiectiv, itinerariu sau a unei

      statiuni turistice/437

6.  Harta si legenda turistica. Locul potentialului turistic in continutul lor/444

7. Cartarea pe teren a obiectivelor turistice/450

8. Planul unei recenzii si unei lucrari de geografia turismului /458


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Mihai Ielenicz

Prof. PhD, a graduate of Geology-Geography in 1964 where he continued going through all the academic hierarchy. PhD in Geography in 1978 with his "Mountains of Buzau basin - geomorphology study", published in the Academy in 1984.
He won an Academy Award in 1975 for his "relief Romania" and in 1985 for his "Encyclopedia of Romania" and the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University Stefan cel Mare - Suceava, he was awarded over 25 honorary degrees, excellent and medals of different educational and scientific institutions home and abroad. Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Geography from 1992 to present, Director of Resort Geographic Orsova, Co-director of "research center and dynamic geomorphological land degradation"
Member of Faculty Council and University Senate since 1992, Chairman of National Committee for the undergraduate education programs (since 1996), member CNATDC, CNEAA, expert CNCSIS, improvements in the country and abroad (UK, Belgium, Turkey), President of the Olympics School of Geography (1996), President of the Society of Geography (2003), Vice President of National Committee of Geography (2000), Vice President of the Association of Geomorphology (2002), PhD (1993), a member of teams The editor of numerous magazines, etc.. He wrote alone and over 210 scientific papers together, participated in 62 research contracts (18 as director), 38 scientific books: "General Geomorphology" 1976, 2002, "Romanian Relief" 1975, "the hills and plateaus of Romania "1999," Physical and Geographical Dictionary "1999," General Geography "2001," Geography and Tourism Romania "2001," Europe Geographical Encyclopedia "2002," Romania Subcarpatii "2003," Romania - Physical Geography "2004," General Physical Geography . Fundamentals of physical geography "2005" Subcarpatii Romania "2005," Geomorphology "2007, 2010," Romania. Physical Geography. Climate, water, vegetation, soils, "2007," Romania. Plateaus and hills "2008," Dictionary of geomorphology "2009," General Physical Geography elements of cosmology "2009," Romania - tourism potential "2009, and numerous popular books, maps etc.

Laura Comanescu

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