Political geography - a new approach

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ISBN: 978-973-749-813-7

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 328

Publisher: Editura Universitară


Silviu Costachie
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"Political geography - A new approach" is actually the third book in the post-December Romanian political geography. It comes complete, but this area, offering a new and different from the first two books signed by Mr. Alexandru Voicu Bodocan and Ilies. The new book covers all seven key areas of political geography, the result of a major and sustained research activities and research, undertaken over the past five years, which results from over 530 bibliographic titles used in the paper and over 260 citations in infrapagina. The manuscript pages I found ideas, models, concepts and specific analysis of different schools of political geography and geopolitics, and a considerable amount of information, very interesting. In principle, the teaching has a profound work, but retains the features needed for a large and comprehensive study of specialized, highly analytical and multidisciplinary. It is thus useful to both specialists and those concerned about political geography and geopolitical problems of the world. From an organizational perspective, the author begins with a detailed definition of the discipline, the object of study and political geography of the place in human geography. Fervent supporter of the concept of human geography, the author has managed to perfectly define the position and relationships are established between the major direction of study represented by human geography and industry composition, political geography.
In very good job briefs differences between geography, political geography, geopolitics and geostrategy and clear, also, the terminology in the field, often used wrongly or confused. For example, such terms are enlightened and "independence" and "sovereignty" or "nation" and "ethnicity", while being defined various forms of expansion and imperialism. Graphics or maps, and statistical tables help them substantially to a better understanding of the issues. It also noted a variety of novel and original approach. It is "national symbols", the "components and ethnic characteristics", the "Attributes state", the "policies of segregation, isolation, assimilation or ethnic integration", and more. For an easier understanding of various concepts presented in the paper, the author uses a series of analogies that facilitates learning correct information and analysis presented. We note, moreover, as a pleasant surprise, the inclusion of over 40 photographs of representative personalities in the field.

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Silviu Costachie
Silviu Costachie

Graduate of University of Bucharest (1995)the Master in the field of human settlements (1996) and Ph.D. in Geography (2003).
Associate Professor (2005) and dean of the Faculty of Geography (2008), Director ofResearch Center for Regional Development and European Integration (2009), a member of numerous national and international committeesrepresentative of Romania in the IS0803 and IS1101 COST Actions Union Europe (2010).

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