Heritaje tourism of Romania

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ISBN: 978-606-591-371-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786065913714

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 268

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Melinda Candea, Elena Bogan, Tamara Simon

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Romania holds within the geographical area of ​​the continent, a central location - South-East, located at approximately equal distances (2900 km) from Lisbon - the Atlantic coast, North Cape - the most advancing north in Ocean Atlantic and the Ural Mountains, but only 1,050 km from the southern extremity of the continent - Cape Matapan.

The presence of parallel 45 ° N, associated with placing our country in Central Europe, with obvious extension southeast, strongly suggests the influence of this position on the physical and geographical components: climate - which by its print features nature and human activities in all their very structure and pace, allowing for practicing a wide range of tourist activities, flora and fauna - that the variety and richness of biogeographical elements provide a favorable environment for recreation, camping, hunting and fishing.

Romania's geographical location is completed and defined the personality of the Carpathians, the Danube and Black Sea. The Carpathians and the Danube provides a closer connection with the western and central Europe, and a system of open collaboration, intense and multidirectional of countries around the Black Sea can provide complementary development of targeted only to the west or east.

New links by river axis Rotterdam - Rhine - Main - Danube - Black Sea and those in the marine area, placing Romania in a geographical location, geopolitical, economic and new tourist from Europe and Asia, with a nodal role in this newEurasian dimensions.

In these circumstances Romania emerges as a country with a strong geographical personality, combined with a special tourist vocation. The only area of ​​238,391 km2 and balanced blends mountains, hills, plateaus and plains, which is in an imposing architectural ensemble that resembled a Balcescu the city-symbol of resistance against all the vicissitudes of history of the Romanian people. Thus, relief - belonging to different categories of genetic types (volcanic, glacial, karst, wind, river, sea etc.) And structural - potentiality and the specific shape of the Romanian territory for tourists.

Delta landscape is characterized by originality, morfohidrologică and fauna, the unique eco-European aspect and mode of habitat in deltaic environment and in terms of tourism is one of the most representative and valuable tourist areas in the country, but and continental scale.

The tourism potential of relatively complex, defined by the sea and beach, water and mud lakes thermo treatment by marine bioclimate, cultural-historical and economic objectives with obvious tourist office, the Romanian Black Sea coast in response to a wide range of tourist motivations: rest cure resort complex, recreational sports, entertainment or cultural.

Romania's tourist vocation is supported, obviously, and dense hydrographic network, the multitude of natural lakes and man-generating landscapes with a strong personality, providing wide field deployment of various tourist activities: recreation, spa, water sports, sailing recreational, tourist transport role, sport fishing, etc..

Presence of large hydro resources athermic or shrink, with the widest range of chemically, emanations mofette dry sapropelic mud or peat circuit placed Romania in European and even global health tourism, much of the curative resources with high quality those offered by the famous Vichy spa, Karlovy Vary,, Baden-Baden, etc..

Housing ancient land, uninterrupted presence of human activities generating material elements in space led in time to shape a very appreciated tourist anthropogenic, or scope elements belonging to material civilization (historical sites, monuments of art and architecture, objectives historical and socio-cultural, etc..) or spiritual civilization (customs, folklore, religion, hospitality, community organization, etc..).

The tourist offer is complemented by specific technical and material (the accommodation and entertainment, treatment, catering, tourism transport itself) and general infrastructure. Among the components of general infrastructure, tourism has the largest network of communication - known as "vector structure" in development, with direct benefits for tourism development, which provides access to most tourist resources and structures. Romania has, overall, a good network of transport routes, covering the national territory to be upgraded to meet European standards movement.

Because tourism potential is part of the resources whose consumption can be achieved, in situ 'involvement in the circuit to social and economic values ​​of the recovery process is so superior to the existing potential and an important factor in economic development and organization space. While it makes a close correlation between the location of tourist resources and tourism development between the variety of these resources and forms of tourism, tourism phenomenon between size and shape of tourist areas, namely the prosperity of local people.

It is now more than necessary: ​​developing existing tourist facilities by upgrading and expanding the reception, its diversification, introduction of new touristic areas with untapped potential, development of rural tourism and rural tourism as a new form of tourism related traditional activities of the population. Particular emphasis has linking tourism development with proper planning and general tourism infrastructure, increase training, staff travel behavior, requiring a high quality tourism development act.


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Melinda Candea
Tamara Simon
Elena Bogan

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