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Editura Universitara Prahova Valley and or fluvial system - physical geography study of the hydrography special

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ISBN: 978-973-749-788-8

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 448

Publisher: Editura Universitara


Adrian Nedelcu
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This paper is inserted in the category of monographic studies on Prahova river basin, a complex basin whose individuality is expressed through the current landscape characteristics, the result of a long evolution in the basin collector - Ialomita.

Also, works with geology, geomorphology, climate and human geography, developed years ago, the present study and will complete the look of a river landscape with a particular geographic area of ​​complex tones varying climatic, vegetation and multistage a great human pressure.

Regarded as the first element participate in the river basin system structure, then the dynamic temporal-spatial function in geographical landscape, Prahova Valley, with or fluvial system, highlights the relationship between natural and anthropogenic components found in the structure and landscape change geographical.
In this study we relied on a careful analysis of the fluvial system, a complex organism whose traits arising from connections of its parts: rock, relief, climate, soil, vegetation, anthropogenic action. The study of these components allowed us know fluvial system attributes and functions, general flow of matter and energy in it.

The issues addressed, the study tries to highlight important scientific information about the evolution of fluvial system Prahova, stressing that exert influence on the routing grid river landscape and the role of edaphic factors in the evolution of various processes and phytogeographic and geographical phenomena and basins.

Adrian  Nedelcu
Adrian Nedelcu

• Graduate of the Faculty of Geology and Geography, University of Bucharest in 1980, specializing in geography - French.
• Associate Lecturer from 1994 to Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, and Ph.D. in Geography, with distinction Cum Laude 2000, University of Bucharest. Holder since 2008 lecturer at the Department of Economics and Business Administration Faculty of Economics, University Petroleum-Gas of Ploiesti.
• Taught courses: Geography resources, global economic geography, economic geography of Romania, population and settlements geography, geography of tourism, ecotourism and rural tourism, world economy, geography and geography teaching methodology.
• Member of the National Curriculum Committee (2001-2006), Ministry of Education and Research Committee to validate the scientific content and methodological teaching geography discipline of educational products (2003-2006), the Working Group of the National Assessment and Examination Service (2006 -2008).
• Member of the Society of Geography of Romania (since 1980), Prahova branch president of the Society of Geography of Romania (2001-2009) and Vice President from 2009 to present, member of the Council of Geography Society of Romania, member of the Association of Professional Geography of Romania (since 2010), member database MRI (Mountain Research Initiative) in 2010, member of the Association of Managers without Borders in 2007.
• He has published over 17 articles, 24 books, courses, methodological guidelines and 7 maps alone or in collaboration: World Geography (1995), Earth - Geographic Curiosities (2006), World Geography: nature, man, Economics (2010), Map physical Prahova County (2006), tourist map of Prahova County (2011) Physical map of Romania (2007), Administrative Map of Romania (2006) Physical map of Europe (2007), physical and administrative map of France (2005) , physical and political map of South and Central America (2006).
• Editor of the journal "Annals of Prahova School - Geography Series" and "Bulletin of the Society of Geography of Romania - Prahova branch."
• Awards: Diploma of Honor, given to celebrate 125 years of Geography Society of Romania (2000), Diploma of Honor, given to celebrate the centenary of geographical higher education at the University Al. I. Cuza of Iasi (2004).

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