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Editura Universitara PHYSICS. 400 Grids for Admission to Medicine

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Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Mihai Surdu, Grațiela Surdu

ISBN: 978-606-28-1245-4


Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 140

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This collection contains 10 tests or 400 grids selected in order to prepare the physics exam for admission to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, together with the correction scales.
Solving these grids ensures the completion of the entire physics program for admission to Medicine, in accordance with the agreed textbooks and at a medium to high level. The problems were designed to meet some subtleties of the requirements of the entrance exam, which would lead to high performance results. In this sense, the suggestion is that solving a test should be within 50 minutes.
This paper comes in complementarity with the Collection edited by UMF "Carol Davila" and in helping students who are preparing for a career of excellence, by modeling a critical and analytical way of thinking, necessary for a profession of vocation.

The Authors

  • PHYSICS. 400 Grids for Admission to Medicine





TEST NO. 1 / 7
TEST NO. 2 / 18
TEST NO. 3 / 30
TEST NO. 4 / 42
TEST NO. 5 / 54
TEST NO. 6 / 65
TEST NO. 7 / 77
TEST NO. 8 / 89
TEST NO. 9 / 102
TEST NO. 10 / 115

TEST NO. 1 / 129
TEST NO. 2 /130
TEST NO. 3 / 131
TEST NO. 4 / 132
TEST NO. 5 / 133
TEST NO. 6 / 134
TEST NO. 7 / 135
TEST NO. 8 / 136
TEST NO. 9 / 137
TEST NO. 10 / 138

This collection contains 10 tests or 400 grids selected in order to prepare the physics exam for admission to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. This paper aims to complement the Collection edited by UMF "Carol Davila", not as an overlap, but with a series of various exercises that combine analytical thinking, interpreting graphs or correlating seemingly disjointed theoretical notions, essential factors in successfully passing the entrance exam.
The study of physics, as a school discipline, forms, in addition to skills of structured logical thinking and experimental abilities, the awareness that nature is guided by firm principles, which cannot be violated. Understanding this aspect leads students to establish a set of clear ethical values ​​to guide them throughout their lives.
The understanding of thermal, electrical or optical phenomena leads to a superior ability to analyze future doctors, through the methods of thinking involved in the process.
The study of thermal phenomena can lay the foundations for understanding metabolism, while deepening electrical phenomena facilitates the approach to the phenomena of membrane transport or nerve impulse propagation. In terms of optics, the applications of this chapter extend from the anatomical part of the eye, to the treatment of eye diseases and to light-based medical investigation devices.

The Authors

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