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Editura Universitara Economics for baccalaureate and college admission. Complete guide

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Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Valeriu Sofronie

Edition: I

Pages: 230

Publisher year: 2024

ISBN: 978-606-28-1771-8

DOI: 10.5682/9786062817718

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An exam subject, such as Economics, can be learned in several ways: some require great efforts and longer periods of time, while others can help us achieve our goal with less intellectual effort and consumption less time. This guide aims to make the candidate for the Baccalaureate and Faculty (Bucharest Law, SNSPA, etc.) to "see" the fundamental concepts of the economy and thus reduce the effort and learning time.
From the experience of almost 35 years of teaching the subject "Economy" to students in pre-university education, I have concluded that a clear association of a concept with an image (diagram or graph) produces more and faster understanding. Starting from this fact of pedagogical practice, the present work was conceived.
The tests built in this guide and the alternative solutions "target" not only the fundamental problems that the exam candidates face, but also the types of errors that they frequently make. The book is meant to be a learning guide, and the extent to which it succeeds, only the one who goes through it will be able to decide.

Valeriu Sofronie
  • Economics for baccalaureate and college admission. Complete guide

Argument / 5

265 economic truths / 7

Calculation formulas / 23

Economic indicators and indices / 33

Learning economic concepts through diagrams / 37

Learning economic concepts through graphs / 53

Model of argumentative solution of some baccalaureate subjects / 74

Subjects elaborated according to the Baccalaureate model / 89

Resolution of the proposed subjects (scale) / 111

Tests developed according to the Law admission model and SNSPA / 153

This guide is recommended to all students and teachers interested in understanding fundamental economic phenomena and calculations, necessary for successful admission to the Baccalaureate and college exams.
The guide fully respects the requirements of the programs for the Baccalaureate exam and college admission. The proposed tests closely follow the models of subjects from the Economics discipline, proposed by the Ministry of Education, as well as those of the departments within the faculties that have Economics in the admission program.
Going through the guide offers an innovative method of understanding the concepts, indicators and correlations necessary for the assimilation of economic processes, which use diagrams and graphs, able to explain the meanings and the mode of operation with theoretical, otherwise abstract formulas.
The varied proposals of questions, problems and grid-type tests, accompanied by extensive solutions, cover the entire topic necessary for the preparation of the baccalaureate and college exams.


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