Publicity and advertising techniques

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ISBN: 978-606-591-286-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786065912861

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 214

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Mihai Papuc

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Strong development of material production, especially in recent decades has led simultaneously and necessarily, expansion and diversification of forms and media outreach, users inputs and specialists in various fields. There also appear new problems and new questions in the business world and international markets related to demand, the production, price justification, optimization of distribution channels, market segmentation, competition, and especially, the multiplication and improvement of forms of promotion.
Business promotion is so important part of marketing activities involving distinct, coherent directly related to product, pricing, distribution, all developed in a coordinated marketing policy, as a whole, attitudes, directions and business objectives on a particular market segment. Given on the one hand, the complexity of markets and on the other hand, the need for promotion to be effective, it must take into account the factors stimulating internal and external promotion of economic exchanges.
Advertising is one of the most important methods used in the marketing activities of a company for non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, material goods and services among various audiences. It is considered "core promotional activity" or "nerve communication policy", for it takes the diversity of the institutions involved and the funds consumed. The literature even use the term "advertising industry" to work more extensive network of companies and agencies specializing in advertising activities.
In an attempt to define the advertising (translated in Romania through advertising), Michael J. Baker has a clear vision of the phenomenon, rather describing the process and not the concept. He says that "the advertising (advertising) is the placement of advertisements identified in defined media, against some of the premises known costs or time spent for this".
Another group of authors argues that "advertising is a form of persuasive communication type, having the role of receptor attitude change in meaning acquisition of a particular product or service whose quality are real."
The particularity of creativity in advertising is its strong pragmatic character. Advertising value, arising as a result of creativity, will increase sales of products and services, is persuasive, credible and accepted by consumers. It is not enough ads to be honest and informative, they must bring something new and interesting. Each advertisement must be a central point from which to build the message as a whole.
Creativity in advertising is based on bright ideas. The reputation of most advertisers is due to the creative department, which must be specialists in different areas - marketing, publishing, design, etc.. and artists, the finished product because advertising is creative and artistic creation. Advertising reflects cultural values ​​and build, because the ad text can not only be informative or persuasive. Also, advertising creation must follow certain parameters, which provide frames of reference and determine the direction of the promotion campaign. Finally, the creation must sell brand / brand for which made. Creative advertising effectiveness is measured in brand market shares gained in volume of products or services sold, the public perception to a brand or organization.
This work, composed of two distinct parts - publicity and advertising - is based on an extensive literature documenting the international and domestic, especially reference books in the field belonging to D. Ogilvy, JM Baker, J. Burnett, and M . Nicola, D. Peter, A. Stoiciu have been for me and my students a very valuable guide. Gratitude and thanks to everyone present.


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  • Tehnici de publicitate şi creaţie publicitară

Mihai Papuc

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