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Editura Universitara Movies that marked the ‘80s - Sabina Pop

ISBN: 978-606-28-1040-5

DOI: 10.5682/9786062810405

Publisher year: 2019

Edition: I


Publisher: Universitară

Author: Sabina Pop

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Sabina Pop

These lines are thoughts about the film published in the column "Teachings of a young filmmaker to himself" hosted by S.L.A.S.T. - the magazine famous, at the time, for cultural openness and freedom of expression. It was a "literary artistic supplement" even if of the Spark of Youth, and, being a "supplement", with limited circulation, small circulation and… with "art" (cah)… it was much less verified / censored, a breath left perhaps -tinerilor ....
I found, after years, that many of the films I wrote about then, hot, after the premiere, are today reference points of our cinema. And they formed me.
I chose to write about "what I liked" from what was on the market - representative titles, at least for the time. I also came across what "I didn't like" and I learned; how not to do… I think about a film, I try to get into the intimate universe of creation, to figure out how he did it, why the other did it, it made me aware of what I was seeing, and, yes, it shaped me, more than any theoretical course.
That's why I thought of gathering these thoughts by adding necessary explanations for understanding the context, the era, reviewing and commenting on certain thoughts and offering them, especially to young people and especially film students, as exactly what they are; that is, "The teachings of a young filmmaker to himself."

Foreword / 5
The natural as a sensation / 7
Naturalness as poetry / 10
Be a hero like this is the job we have to do here / 14
Which reality is more real than reality? (l) / 17
Which reality is more real than reality? (II) / 20
Darie the one in the movie / 24
Major minor issues / 27
About young people and not exactly / 30
Guess, the mushroom, what is it? / 34
... And the last will be the first / 44
The truth next door / 47
If you accept the premise / 57
In the apple orchard, a new world order / 60
The others, that is the team / 63
Cheerful, without willful-merciless glances / 67
At the end of the line, where one and one make one / 71
... By Sergiu Nicolaescu! / 75
Unlikely at home / 77
Little by little it fills up / 80
Where's the hesitation? / 83
The pillow fight / 87
In Bucharest - a court of miracles / 90
The nightmare of war / 93
About the characters / 97
Goodness deficit / 100
Efficient / 103
An intruder in good faith / 106
In the genre of the short genre / 111
In the logic of the human / 114
Quod erat demonstrandum / 116
As a "celebration of the soul" / 119
Our everyday life-film The year changes, the rubrics change / 144

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