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Editura Universitara PArticles of the Soul, vol. II

30,00 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-28-1259-1


Publisher year: 2021

Edition: I

Pages: 270

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Pr. Mihai Gojgar

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The stylistic acculturation through which Father Mihai Gojgar wins in writing is exciting. They are not interpretations of the gospel, but rediscoveries of its foundations. Faith does not need arguments, but foundations. Of bright foundations. Some of the texts have titles and post-titles in parentheses. The sign of adaptation from ... writing that the author makes to its content. A natural need in working as a journalist. The editorialist goes out shining in a homiletic spirit. Here is the key to the beauty of their texts. Far from being moralistic or "lectionary", the lines you will go through can produce a series of good adaptations in the tachycardia that tries us in times of noisy pandemic. How does the father understand the hearts of the listeners? Of course, listening to them. Pastoral care is felt in the texts. Which rebukes with pleasure and gives the measure of spiritual expectations. The title shows this. Particles of the soul prove to be myriads from the great prescura of the spiritual life of a parish with a special missionary profile, dynamic and alive.

Rev. Conf. Dr. Constantin Necula

Nullus tenetur ad Impossibile / 11
Foreword / 15
1. Does "than" mean "little"? (Saint Elijah Tesviteanul) / 19
2. the phrase about health (Holy Great Martyr and Healer Pantelimon) / 23
3 How to heal a child (Saint Pious Nicanor) / 27
4. Interest, actuality, dedication (About royalty) / 30
5. Up hearts! (Exaltation of the Holy Cross) / 32
6. End of holidays / 34
7. Gaudeamus! (Beginning of the academic year) / 37
8. The saints who watch over us / 40
9. Near the angels (Council of Holy Archangels) / 43
10. Are we / what / what / are we eating? / (Beginning / Christmas Lent) / 45
11. When are we more generous? (Christmas Lent) / 48
12. La carolat (Tradition of carols) / 52
13. A natural approach (Romanian Culture Day) / 55
14. A current episode (Canaanite Woman's Sunday) / 57
15. „Saint Dumitru-Posta“ Church, a dynamic parish / 60
16. "... he who lives the present repairs the past and conquers the future" (Beginning of Lent) / 63
17. "Give me the bright coat!" (Church attire) / 65
18. The Days of the Son of Man and the Days of Men (On Peace and Unity) / 67
19. Contradictory feelings (About communist prisons) / 69
20. Pisces, fishermen, fishing (The symbol of the fish in Christianity) / 71
21. Youth beyond the years (The call of all in the Church) / 73
22. A tab of family album (State Independence Day) / 75
23. The solution of all problems (Acquisition of the Holy Spirit) / 77
24. Biblical message for those who no longer hope (About hope and courage) / 79
25. Fight and don't give up! (Heroes of communist prisons) / 83
26. Honoring parents: a matter of patience? (Gratitude to parents) / 86
27. Flight preparations (About the end of life) / 89
28. Duration of friendship (About friendship and its meanings) / 91
29. Colleagues with our sons and grandsons (Importance of Christian education) / 93
30. Brotherhood, but from God (On the importance of supporting each other) / 96
31. Hearing the heart (About the music we listen to) / 98
32. Vigilance, a Source of Hope (About the Night Prayer) / 100
33. Smell of myrrh and patron saint (About holy relics) / 102
34. Angels near us (About the Holy Archangel Michael) / 104
35. You have a book, you have a party (Charity Fair Arts for books) / 106
36. Voluntary words (About volunteering) / 109
37. Goodbye, Your Majesty! (Funerals of King Michael) / 111
38. Year of Union (Preparations in the Centenary Year) / 113
39. Shades of gray-blue (About the mechanism of personal choices) / 115
40. "An extra step, for an extra work" (Election of parish bodies) / 117
41. How do we feed the sleeping? (The Lent of Easter Lent) / 119
42. We are waiting! (Frequency of sharing) / 121
43. March, the month of feasts? (Explanations and recommendations) / 123
44. Is spring made with a lily? (Elegance and delicacy of a symbol) / 125
45. Man and the egg (Symbolism of the egg) / 127
46. ​​In search of femininity (About smelly women) / 129
47. Nine years since a new stage (Anniversary as a University Chapel) / 132
48. Hello! (The gift of health) / 134
49. The Soul of Greater Romania (History of the Union) / 137
50. Hope! (About despair) / 139
51. Together (About the iconostasis) / 141
52. ADHD in children or parents? (Problems of modernity) / 144
53. The secret of happiness / 146
54. AuGUSTeria - joy with taste / 148
55. Time travelers / 150
56. Ca-n cer / 152
57. Gand si indemn / 154
58. Great news! (The coming of the holy relics of Saint Demetrius) / 157
59. Thoughts from a dying person / 159
60. How bad it is not to see! / 161
61. Christmas Scenario / 163
62. Punctual thoughts (Importance of punctuality) / 165
63. The first rule of poverty / 167
64. Looking towards 2019/170
65. Pastoral visits / 173
66. The serpent of shame / 176
67. Discussion in trams / 179
68. The need for soap / 182
69. Useful journey! (Beginning of Easter Lent) / 184
70. March Questionnaire (About Martisor) / 186
71. The war between us (About gossip) / 189
72. Towards the Resurrection (Near a dying man) / 192
73. When did ten years pass? (Anniversary as University Chapel) / 195
74. Walnut chicken, human chicken (Traumas of life) / 197
75. Daily bullfight (About collective hatred) / 199
76. About flight / 202
77. Batranete before the letter? (Tips from the elders) / 204
78. The Bravery and the Solitude of Saint Basil the Great / 207
79. Lady in Black (Faces of the World) / 210
80. De vara (Nostalgii) / 212
81. The mirror of long ago (Assumption of the Christian life) / 214
82. 12 spiritual joints in the new church year / 217
83. About a great lover of the Romanian language (Saint Antim Ivireanul) / 220
84. Love of enemies - possible? / 223
85. School of work (Seriousness and devotion) / 226
86. What patron saint do we have? (Importance of participation in the feast) / 229
87. The memory of the stone (The Parable of the Merciful Samaritan) / 231
88. And in Arcadia ego! (Preparations for reconsideration) / 234
89. Perspectives (Joy and responsibility after sanctification) / 236
90. Thank you ...! (Thoughts in early 2020) / 239
91. 2020/241
92. What do we want our tomb to look like? (Educational advice from the Holy Three Hierarchs) / 244
93. The voice of books (Are we what we read?) / 247
94. The novelty of technology (Progress or regress?) / 250
95. The pomelnic, the barometer of fellow love? / 252
96. Our language is a treasure (Obligation to know the Romanian language) / 254
97. I didn't go to school (About fear) / 259
98. Coexistent (Easter and quarantine period) / 262
99. Titanicovid (The Feeling of Debt) / 264
100. All pass (Longing and need for change) / 267

"No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God" (Luke IX, 62).

I thought of the Savior's warning, not only now, of editing the second volume of The Souls, but many times when I began an activity and doubt turned me around, making me wonder if the road which go leads to God, if the choices made dress in good and beautiful. I believe a lot in tradition and continuity, in keeping the rhythm and the power of consistency. In spirituality, I often encounter the situation where someone who has received the canon to read three psalms a day, for example, forgets or does not fulfill it, but recovers, reading six or nine psalms in the following days. But it is not the external ticking of the canon that matters, it is not the numbers and the formal observance of the spiritual medicine; change comes with the impropriety of a habit, a way of life. Not six or nine psalms, but I can never breathe without reading the Psalms.
Therefore, after volume I of the Articles contained editorials published in Dimitrios magazine between 2012 and 2016, the pages waiting for you to browse cover the period 2016 - 2020. If the first part of the articles appeared around last Christmas, and the current one in perfume pascal, just four months away, I assure you that a possible third volume will reach our hands only in 2024. But ... "My thoughts are not like yours and My ways are yours," says the Lord. ”(Isaiah LV, 8).
I also confess to you the thought that blew in the sails of the ship loaded with 100 chests that you have in your palm. First of all, gathering all the editorials in volume would mean a help for those who want to know the priest, the clergyman, the man who wrote them. The closeness between people is made, first of all, at the soul level, so writing, as a result of heart movements (when the author reveals on paper what he really feels, abandoning hypocrisy and the desire to manipulate), can break down communication barriers. I do not ignore the possibility that some of the stated opinions may bother some; I'm sorry for the discomfort, but I'm glad for the exercise we all have to do to listen without passion, nerves and revengeful desires that the other believes and feels. Just like in the biblical episode with Joseph who, going to his brothers who envied him and meeting a stranger, says to him: "I am looking for my brothers" (Genesis XXXVII, 16); that is, I want to get closer to them, to get to know each other, to have a dialogue, I am looking for the way to the heart of my brothers. Someone said that if we got closer to each other, if we tried to discover the personal secret of our fellows, we could not hurt anyone. Well, in a troubled social context, the last 30 years have led to major divisions between us, on political, medical, sports issues and you can continue with hundreds of other examples. Unity can be acquired by listening to the other and understanding his perspective, without a doubt, an incomparable spiritual enrichment, which the priest is happy to receive in the Holy Sacrament of Confession from the one who confesses his sins, thoughts, fears, emotions.
Secondly, perhaps, over time, someone will want to understand the events of the beginning of the third millennium from the point of view and feeling of an urban priest. Even for those who will serve at the altar of the beautiful church of St. Dumitru in the Old Center, it can mean a useful spiritual and pastoral monograph.
Finally, thirdly, I would be very happy if the lines that will unfold in front of you mean a help for those interested in the study of Catechesis or Homiletics, as the ideas of other authors have inspired and helped me so far. .

"Do not think or do anything without a purpose pleasing to God. For he who travels aimlessly will labor in vain” (Saint Mark the Ascetic).

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