Editura Universitara Exposures essential theological themes

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ISBN: 978-606-591-143-7

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

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Samuel Bâlc
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Theology is truly relevant to the extent that addresses key issues for humans. Theology is truly useful to the extent that clarify key issues for humans.

The present work, lectures on topics essential theological, is intended to be both relevant and useful by the approach and it brings clarification on some key issues.

It should be noted that understanding theology is possible only by using methods of study and even developed a quickness of mind. It has to do with divine revelation and operates in the human existential. Theology takes into account the informative side, and the formative side gives answers to questions on topics essential core.

In an environment altered by sin, became very hostile, the system of values ​​is inverted and used according to circumstances and interests, theological education is even more necessary. Note that a theology separated from life experience with God is a theology devoid of value that will harden his heart.

Paper, exposures theological themes essential aims, through the themes to motivate those interested in studying the Word of Scripture to open heart and mind to get a real experience of meeting with God, experience in meeting with him Keyword.

  • Expuneri teologice pe teme esenţiale

Samuel Bâlc
Samuel Bâlc

Born on 23 April 1973, com chicken, Jud. Hunedoara, Dr. Samuiel Balc is a lecturer. University Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest.
Professor (Lecturer) in "The Romanian - American Baptist Theological Seminary" USA.
In 2007 held the position of Scientific Secretary Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest.
A graduate of Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest class of 1997, he obtained his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Bucharest in 2005.
Between 1997-2000 he served as pastor of Christian Baptist Church Racovita County. Sibiu, and in 2000 serves as pastor of Christian Baptist Church River mouth, the Community of Sibiu.
He is married to Cristina Balc and together they have two children, Daniel and Emanuel.

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