Contextualization - Revelation or innovation

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ISBN: 978-973-749-873-1.

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 295

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Eduard Constantinescu

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I had the honor to speak with many people in Romania honest cross-cultural mission. The discussion revealed that some Christians - and even some church leaders - are quite uninformed about the complexity of preaching the Word in a different culture and establishing healthy churches to multiply. Some believe that the forms, methods and strategies that work in Romania simply be exported in the new context. Things are not so. What is appropriate in Romania and even blessed by God is not always appropriate and in another culture. If you want evidence in this regard, consider only those sincere believers who came to Romania with their missionary programs. Were suitable for Romania? Not always. The same will happen when Romanians will go on a mission among the nations, if not attentive to the issue of contextualization.
Therefore, I appreciate the initiative of Edi Constantinescu than to make known the problems related to contextualization, Romanian Christians. Edi is familiar with the literature on contextualization Misiology. But this is not just a book of theories. He felt the hard way what it means to serve Christ in another culture. He struggled with problems in this book speaks. I appreciate the many case studies that it has entered into material to help us and fight us to contextualization issues. We all need to ponder how to make Jesus to be incarnated in context Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or postmodern - and even that we are surrounded Orthodox context.
This is not a book to read quickly. I invite you to meditate on the issues discussed here. The fact that you agree or disagree with what is presented here is not relevant. What is important is to think about how you must change the way you practice and communicate that you have faith in Christ in different cultural contexts. The result will be that your own faith and testimony will be strengthened.
Jesus Christ is the best model of missionary there. He left heaven's culture to embody and show us what God is like. And we must follow the same path. It is not easy. But we will do it for the sake of His name to all nations to know, love and serve Him.

Russell Mitchell
OC Area Manager Romania

  • Contextualizarea - Revelatie sau inovatie


Eduard Constantinescu

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