Philosophy and religion in Romanian thinking

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ISBN: 978-606-591-101-7

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 171

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Aurelian Lucian Ştiopu

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This paper aims to show how the thinking was debated in Romanian religious problem. Religion as a subject of study is an issue important both for theology, science, art and philosophical discourse. The issue of religion in the Romanian thinking is a field that I have spent very few serious studies. Romanian thinking in our view provides an important contribution to address religion. Thinkers as Nae Ionescu, Lucian Blaga, Mircea Eliade, Peter Culianu, Aurel Codoban are important names on the map deciphering religious phenomenon. It is unfortunate that most of us when it comes to debate about religion Mircea Eliade stop only. This paper aims to recover the entire Romanian contribution in terms of analysis of religion, that contribution deserves to be taken into account. Most of us in Romanian culture reduce the debate about religion in a debate for or against, the present study aims to show that religion is more than a matter of opinion, it is a philosophical problem, that before being debate must make sure that I understood it. Understanding religion is a challenge in our vision animates every human being, pity is that most people prefer to practice a religion at the expense of understanding it.
In our work we tried to capture the debate about religion in Romanian thinking the following coordinates:
- Apologetics perspective.
- View "philosophy of religion."
- The perspective of hermeneutics.
ach of these perspectives are in fact present model approach to religion in Romanian thinking. These perspectives are guidelines in the Romanian debate about religion surprises They are defined not only answers the question what is religion, but rather as elements that build the Romanian context on the debate about religion. Understanding this context is very important to determine the contribution of Romanian thinking about religion in the universal thought. Some topics that concern Romanian thinking in solving the problem of religion are matters of universal interest. One of these is the relation between philosophy and Christian religion. Our paper shows how this report is debated in Romanian thinking, in the final report presented two studies devoted to the analysis starting from international celebrity of two philosophers who have contributed to serious philosophical analysis of religion, Heidegger and Vattimo. Making this work studies justify the fact that Romanian thinking about religion and discuss issues of concern still thinking universal concern. Romanian solve the problem about loosing faith believe that research is an important fact of this universal phenomenon interested mankind ever.

Aurelian Lucian Stiopu

  • Filosofie şi religie în gândirea românească


Introducere / 9

1. Precizări preliminare / 13

2. Perspectiva apologetică / 15
2.1. Problema religiei în viziunea lui Ioan Savin / 16
2.2. Despre religie în gândirea lui Dumitru Stăniloae / 27
2.3. Problema religiei în opera lui Petru Rezuş / 34

3. Filosofia religiei  / 41
3.1. Filosofia religiei la Nae Ionescu / 43
3.2.  Problema religiei la Marin Stefănescu / 51
3.3. Filosofia religiei în gândirea lui Vasile Conta / 56
3.4. Filosofia religiei la P. P. Negulescu / 59
3.5. Viziunea lui Lucian Blaga despre abordarea filosofică a religiei / 67
3.6. Filosofia religiei în viziunea gânditorilor români comunişti / 73

4. Mircea Eliade. Perspectiva hermeneutică / 84

5. Teologii ortodocşi şi referenţialul filosofic  / 95

Apendice / 107

Dumitru Stăniloae despre Lucian Blaga, elemente noi pentru rezolvarea unui vechi conflict / 109

Raportul dintre Filosofie şi Teologie la Martin Heidegeer, sau despre   posibilitatea unui fier din lemn / 132

Gianii Vattimo, un mod de lectură a raportului dintre creştinism şi filozofia postmodernă / 141

Bibliografie / 167

Aurelian Lucian Ştiopu

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