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Editura Universitara The psychology of heightened states of consciousness. Psychoactive substances - Aliodor Manolea

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Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Aliodor Manolea

Edition: I

Pages: 288

Publisher year: 2022

ISBN: 978-606-28-1442-7


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Under the generic "Psychology of heightened states of consciousness" volume "Plants and psychoactive substances" is a work edited in the form of brief presentation slides within the Master's level course entitled "Investigation and intervention in clinical psychology using heightened states of consciousness" ” held at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Hyperion University in Bucharest.
Until the date of publication, the content was checked for similarity using specialized programs.
The appendices present some extracts from the documentation that was the basis of the presentation slides from the first part of the work. They are organized in the form of articles, with individualized bibliography. For each article/plant/psychotropic substance described I have expressly specified: "Article translated and adapted using different written or internet sources, mentioned separately under the reference name W1, 2, etc. References to scientific works or other sources have been kept with the indications from the original materials."
  • The psychology of heightened states of consciousness. Psychoactive substances

Doctor in Psychology / University of Bucharest
Doctor in Military Sciences / National University of Defense Carol I, Bucharest
Doctor of Science / The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Doctoral University Lecturer / Hyperion University Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Associate member / Romanian Academy of Scientists
Member / College of Psychologists from Romania

Going through the slides of the knowledge that emerge from the pages of this work, you can't help but become a bit of a philosopher... and the thought takes you from linden tea to opium, from incense to tobacco. From good fairy to cold-blooded killer, from reverie to torment and back. The difference between the extremes has always been knowledge in the maximum dose and the source of wisdom passes, every time, from generation to generation. Sometimes hidden and often blasphemed at other times, knowledge represented, at one place, the foundation stone and the steps on which humanity climbed on the path of evolution. In the sad moments when knowledge was lost or destroyed, people had to start over and repeat history. Lack of knowledge or simple ignorance often led to suffering... The inadequate and irresponsible use of plants and psychoactive substances almost inevitably caused pain, illusion and despair. Confused with the moment of relaxation of the day, with the saving solution or even with the path to happiness, psychoactive plants have turned from spiritual, initiatory or simply medicinal elements into objects of trade or contraband.
The author reveals, presents a current and often dangerous aspect of the normality that surrounds us: plants and psycho-active substances.
The journey through the history of psychoactive plants, as presented, is one of the fantastic journeys of knowledge that can be made. And maybe one of the most useful for the reader. The documentation in the appendices is extensive and, if it does not satisfy "psycho-curiosity", at least one can find out, once again, what is good and what is poisonous. In the world or even in your own yard...

Univ. Prof. Dr. Irina Holdevici

Foreword / 5

Author's note / 6

Psychoactive drugs and enhanced states of consciousness / 9

Atropa Belladona (Belladona, Matraguna) / 9

Ayahuasca / 13

Cannabis / 16

Shell / 19

DMT / 22

Iboga / 26

Datura / 29

Datura Innoxia (Toloache) Prickly pear / 30

Datura Metel Indian Prickly Pear / 30

Kava / 37

LSD Lysergic acid diethylamide / 41

Nicotiana Rustica and Nicotiana Tabacum / 45

Nicotiana Tabacum / 45

Opium / 49

Psilocybin / 54

Salvia Divinorum / 58

San Pedro Cactus / 65

Appendix 1. Atropa Belladonna / 75

Appendix 2. Ayahuasca / 90

Appendix 3. Cannabis / 97

Annex 4. Hull / 111

Annex 5. DMT / 124

Appendix 6. Iboga / 146

Appendix 7. Jimson Weed / Datura Stramonium / 153

Appendix 8. Kava / 174

Appendix 9. Lysergic acid diethylamide - LSD / 185

Appendix 10. Nicotiana Rustica & Tabacum / 202

Appendix 11. Opium / 225

Appendix 12. Psilocybin / 236

Appendix 13. Salvia Divinorum / 251

Appendix 14. San Pedro cactus / 262

Ritual use of psychoactive substances / 271

The most important aspect: Dosage, Set, and Setting Theory / 273

Bibliography / 281

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