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Editura Universitara 66 days to make friends with anxiety. A hypnotic notebook

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Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Ana Preoteasa Sturzu

Edition: I

Pages: 166

Publisher year: 2023

ISBN: 978-606-28-1664-3

DOI: 10.5682/9786062816643

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Discover a fascinating journey to inner peace with the help of this unique notebook! Carefully created to bring the therapist right into the comfort of your home, "66 days to make friends with anxiety" is not just a simple diary or notebook - it is an open gate to transformation.

With each page you read, you will be closer to understanding in detail the purpose, role and intention of anxiety in your life. The author of this remarkable guide, Ana Preoteasa Sturzu, is a personal development counselor, hypnotherapist with training in Marisa Peer's method - Rapid Transformational Therapy. With her experience and knowledge, Ana will guide you step by step towards freedom from anxiety and personal transformation.

But this is not all! Our notebook offers a unique experience, with two hypnotic guides in audio format, accessible through a simple scan of a QR code. These guides will teach you effective relaxation and anxiety management techniques, so that you can experience a state of deep peace and inner balance.

In addition to the audio guides, you will also find a special space dedicated to your personal diary. Science has proven over time that writing in a diary has many benefits on the emotional state. You can use this space to express your thoughts, feelings and observations along your journey to freedom from anxiety. Thus, you will be able to track your progress and have the opportunity to connect with yourself in a deep and healing way. Plus many other therapeutic introspection techniques that we leave you to discover on your own.
  • 66 days to make friends with anxiety. A hypnotic notebook

ANA PREOTEASA STURZU is a personal development advisor, hypnotherapist with training in Marisa Peer's method - Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Why this notebook?

This notebook is specially created for you to understand, accept and make friends with anxiety.

To do this, you must be willing to voice your anxiety. Give him the opportunity to express his needs. I listen to her.

As you begin to understand the purpose, role and function for this manifestation, deactivating the nervous system alarm will be much easier.

Welcome, traveler!

If you are here, it means that you are facing various manifestations of anxiety, depression, high levels of stress or even panic attacks.
No matter how hard it is, I am here to help you understand why you are going through all this and to shed light on this situation.
By this I mean that you will change the way you look at your "problems" and, as Wayne Dyer said, "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change".

This is the beginning of your healing journey! We are not here for the destination, but for the journey. So fasten your seat belt! It will be exactly as you want it to be.

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