Albesti - Bihor. 500 years of historical record (1508-2008)

ISBN: 978-606-591-244-1

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 174

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Ioan Crişan, Vidu Bidilean

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The work is simply an experience of a rural entities, is a biography of a locality-and defines the philosophy of existence since its attestation to this day.
We will not deny that, in preparing the book, when we looked back at the villageAlbesti, intervened subjective drawbacks: forgetfulness, omission, order back someself-censorship, some delays due to time passing. But beyond all this, in our approach, we were not embarrassed any time to be honest in what I wrote. I am notoutbid and undercut anything. I wrote honestly about the life of this village, but mostly Iplayed evocations, messages, memories and thoughts of people yesterday andtoday, to reflect reality as well.
Furthermore, it was also a way to shed light on those forces that have honored the work of the village where they were born and raised. And not least, I very reluctantlygiven spiritual life of the village, church, school, and especially of popular culture,unmistakable - customs, traditions, customs.
Maybe that's why the book will remain one soul for those who are reading and we believe that it will be placed in that pantheon of historical and popular culture invisiblein Romania.

Ioan Crişan
Vidu Bidilean
Vidu Bidilean He was born in Albesti - Bihar School "Samuil Vulcan" in Beius. Agronomic Institute of Timisoara and Bucharest Polytechnic Institute - postgraduate courses after graduation and to conduct all activities in higher education teaching positions occupied by the professor. In 1973, he received, through competition for an internship, specialization in Paris, the scholarship offered by the ILO - Geneva, the UN specialized body. After the revolution he worked as an expert in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, general counsel at City Hall, consultant to SC Import - Export LLC ROBOT Cluj-Napoca (Roman-Austrian) and advisor to CENTROCOOP.
They noted that the author of a total of 32 editorial - treated, work, university courses was published alone or in collaboration, the various national and international publishing houses, about 250 articles, papers and studies that appeared in magazines or newsletters scientific, more than 100 teaching materials for use - classes, lessons, practical applications, case studies, analysis and diagnosis, about 120 scientific papers presented at various national and international, over 40 research contracts and agreements with institutions and diagnostic tests economic central research directions county agricultural, PHARE Remember and translations of French novels of Caesar Borgia and Tamerlane.
He participated actively in numerous international scientific meetings - congresses, conferences, symposia, to: Hamburg - Germany, Banff - Canada, Padova - Italy, Malaga - Spain, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Raqqa - Syria, Belgrade, Moscow, Athens, Sofia , Beijing, Cairo to Lisbon, represented Romania at the European FAO General Conference, has been visiting professor at the University of Padova - Italy, and at Montpellier, Ain and Melun - France, supported the conference on economic issues.
Awards: Prize "Titulescu" of the Romanian Academy, "Merit Scholar" Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti" Prize "N. Densusianu "Daco Academy, Honorary Diploma of the National Association" Cult Heroes "orders and medals. He is a member of the Academy Daco.
This paper is the result of sustained research, as he worked during the Romanian Parliament. The entire acativitate Mr. prof. Vidu PhD Bidilean noted that a well-known personality in the economy both in Romania and abroad.

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