Mathematics for economic modeling - Vol I

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ISBN: 978-606-591-307-3

DOI: 10.5682/9786065913073

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 285

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Tatiana Corina Dosescu

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Economic Modelling is an occupation of those skilled in the process of economic information in order to increase efficiency, added value, to substantiate the decision and act to achieve many other objectives.
The complexity of economic phenomena requires complete economic modeling, resulting in the economic model, with a product whose mathematical modeling and mathematical economic model, capable of providing solutions to optimization problems, strategy, foresight or those that take into account factors random in the real economy.
This volume addresses graduate students and economists, which involves the formation of skills training in information analysis and processing of quantitative, qualitative or mixed objects that can not be achieved without accumulation of mathematical knowledge and skill acquisition and use algorithms mathematical methods, becoming more advanced.
The content of this paper is a first offer chapters of mathematics, students need a solid preparation economists to be able to solve the current problems of economic practice.
The volume contains four chapters: "Getting on scientific modeling," "Elements of Linear Algebra", "Elements of linear programming" and "Elements of mathematical analysis and applications". The first chapter presents a definition of the model and modeling ştiinţifce, followed by classification models. In the second chapter are exposed to the concept of linear algebra required in Chapter 3 are exposed to fundamental theoretical results necessary for economic modeling, the prevailing approach to linear or proportionate economic phenomenon, and the content of the fourth chapter covers the device created by Mathematical analysis for modeling the deterministic approach is dominant functional type. The four chapters within the theme, now classic, own a syllabus of any economic faculties.
Presentation of the content of the two chapters strives to combine mathematical accuracy with accessibility, without compromising the rigor characteristic of any scientific approach.
This book is the beginning of a series of works whose purpose is to provide methods and mathematical models that contribute to a thorough training of future specialists in economics.
  • Matematica pentru modelare economica - vol. I



Tatiana Corina Dosescu

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