World Economy

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Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 237

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Florin Bonciu
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At the end of the first decade of XXI century world seems smaller and more interdependent: what characterizes this world more than ever is exciting and dynamic mix of opportunities becoming bigger and also globally unprecedented challenges concerning changes climate, energy and financial and economic crisis that surpasses the Great Depression of 1929 1930.

In terms of opportunities, we can mention: thanks to satellite and mobile communications are instantaneous almost anywhere in the world, transport is becoming easier, capital transactions can be made 24 hours of 24 and the Internet closer and removed at the same time people. A series of scientific discoveries are about to be introduced in business and are ready to change everyday life in areas that range from energy, biotechnology and cloning, to virtual reality. In a future that has already begun clothing, food, how to work and even entertainment is based on technology that did not exist two or three decades ago.

On the other hand, manifests itself more strongly and can often seem daunting challenges: climate change more quickly than previously thought in general, conventional energy is being exhausted, stock markets are falling and banks or reputable companies go bankrupt, in While terrorism continues to be a reality for too many people in too many countries. Of course people are looking for solutions to these problems, but it is clear that identification of these solutions will take time and results will not be accessible to all. The world of tomorrow will be winners, but, clearly, will have losers. In some degree, but not all, depends on what each camp will be.

This transformation is complex world and the world we prepare today's students to become specialists tomorrow whether it will deal with foreign trade, transport, insurance, banking, IT, marketing or management.
To provide an overview of this changing world, the course aims to present the world economy becoming as historical process, and the main actors that manifests in world space.

Special emphasis is placed on the idea of ​​dynamic, continuously changing the relative position of countries and political and economic groups esicherul world.
After presenting the main actors in the global economy (developed countries, developing countries, entities resulting from interstate economic integration and multinational companies), the presentation is focused on the interactions between them manifested in the form of international monetary relations, trade relations, and capital flows of FDI.

Without giving up the long tradition and entirely honorable university in Romania on the world economy approaches, this course seeks a degree of harmonization with the Anglo Saxon specific academic disciplines, such as "International Economics" and / or "International Business".

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Florin Bonciu
Florin Bonciu

Diplomat of the Faculty of Commerce, Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 1984 and Ph.D. in economics (1994) with the work of international economic cooperation in high technologies.

Researcher at the Institute of World Economy in 1991, Florin Bonciu was dedicated during 1991 to 2002 to promote foreign direct investment and has collaborated with international institutions such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, UN Economic Commission for Europe, World Association of Promotion Agencies Investments held under UNCTAD.

During this time kept in touch with the academic and economic research.

He has published many articles in publications with an economic profile of the country and abroad.

Since 2002 active in the academic disciplines that holds World Economy, International Investment, European Business Environment at the University of Bucharest Romanian-American study programs conducted in Romanian and English.

During 2003 - 2006 was the owner of the subject International Business at the Romanian-Canadian MBA Program.

Since 2005 a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Institute of Romania.

Since 2006 is a certified instructor in the European Union Structural Funds.

Books published:
Fundamentals of Energy Conservation Economy (co-author), 1988;
Dynamic efficiency technologies, 1989;
Leading technologies and international trade, 1992;
International cooperation in high technologies, 1994;
International economic cooperation (co-author), 1995;
Attracting foreign direct investment and monitoring;Internet marketing elements (co-author), 2000;
Policies and instruments to attract foreign direct investment (co-author), 2001;
Foreign direct investment, 2003/2009, World Economy, 2004;
The world economy in the XXI century: opportunities and challenges, 2005/2009,
World Economy under the microscope: from crisis to crisis chronic acute (co-author), 2010.

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