The size of nature conservation management

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ISBN: 973-749-808-3

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 210

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Ildiko Ioan, Florina Bran, Carmen Valentina Radulescu

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Degradation mechanisms that support subtle ecological balance and also human welfare, is a fact recognized by the scientific community and becoming aware of society better. Terms such as biodiversity crisis, the sixth wave of extinction, biodiversity footprint are increasingly present in the dialogues of environmental departments. However, the degradation continues and intensifies. IUCN report each year a greater number of threatened species and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report, prepared by 1360 experts from 95 countries, shows that over 60% of ecosystem services are being used unsustainably. Therefore, it is not surprising that the need for emergency actions aimed at preserving nature is a common theme of scientific and political debates. The 60-year anniversary of IUCN, Martin Holdgate Sir, Director General of the Organization in 1988-1994, said that the overall objective of nature conservation is an ideal state in which all people enjoy a decent welfare and nature hosting a high biodiversity. Although an objective idealist, according to its own assessment is feasible, but very difficult. The difficulty lies in the complexity, uncertainty and urgent action features that define the triangle in nature conservation. We hope that the book content or nature conservation, the management dimension to contribute to the formation of useful guidelines for grounding decisions in such conditions. To fulfill its purpose in this book were addressed both theoretical and practical knowledge designed to provide key concepts used in the field of nature conservation, and information useful for reasoning protection measures in accordance with the new paradigm management. Nature, biodiversity and ecosystems is the chapter that brings knowledge in the field of nature conservation, explaining the evolution and content of concepts and links between environment and ecosystem characteristics. Next, explain ecosystem services contribute to the welfare of human nature through details on how the nature-keeping processes that support the environment, water supply, food, materials, active ingredients for medicines, etc.., Regulation of natural hazards, climate processes autoperurare and becoming spiritual and cultural rights. The next two chapters (Extinction - the loss of biodiversity and human pressures on biodiversity) are designed to discuss concrete ways in which degradation occurs nature and demonstrate the importance of addressing nature conservation from an economic perspective. In the fifth chapter, ecosystem management, presents concrete ways to show the size of management, as well as the particular nature conservation, citing the complexity and uncertainty, systemic perspective, harmonization of economic interests and conservation, traditional knowledge and scientific stairs appropriate spatial and temporal criteria for delineation of protected areas or areas managed, dynamic ecosystems and highlighting important social dimension to successful conservation. The last chapter, policies and conservation strategies, policy agenda to the attention of the field at global, European and national, emphasizing on the one hand prioritized objectives at different levels and on the other mechanisms designed to achieve them. Are presented and discussed international institutions, multilateral agreements and the development of policies in relation to the priorities identified by the latest results of scientific research. Confrontation between public and private values ​​and priorities, incomplete knowledge of environmental implications, high costs and risks for certain social groups or communities are issues that will pose problems commonly designated officers to take decisions to preserve nature. We hope that by reading the book we propose them to find a foothold in the difficult moments. We also address students and specialists in economics and public administration and all who are willing to initiate or join projects to contribute to the safeguarding of life support mechanisms. The authors

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Florina Bran
Ildiko Ioan
Carmen Valentina Radulescu

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