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Editura Universitara Quantitative Methods in Economics

23,11 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-121-5

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 372

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Radu Despa, Cristina Coculescu

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The book is addressed to both specialists in management, which provides methods and models with broad applicability and tools form the basis of decision-making and economic education students and those attending postgraduate degree in management.
Through its mechanisms, competitive economy favors those businesses that show organizational capacity, adaptability, creativity and resourcefulness. Earn all those who know how to combine art with science to drive management.
Approaching the true qualities and structural relationships economic reality is a continuous process of development of mathematical economic models flexible.
The emergence of new situations, which are based on original assumptions, assumptions made each time a new step in reconciling the model with reality (objective truth reflected by model).
Viewed in its evolution, quantitative modeling business processes and decision support methods have gained in flexibility and adaptability, and the interdisciplinary nature has widened significantly.
Given the facilities currently offered by computer technology, quantitative methods of improving management of existing software and constantly adapting to the demands of practice, making simulation models and economic processes are treated as border areas of the economy organization, mathematics and computer science.
The paper is structured in 10 chapters and deals with both theoretical modeling and simulation issues of economic processes and the most important practical their cases, such as resource allocation, competitive market economy processes, inventory optimization, decision-making processes multicriteria, optimization of business processes, etc. type game.
By failing to address economic problems becomes a simulation tool user-friendly, the paper presents the various business processes while solving both analytical models and simulation models. The reader can capture so on the one hand, specific, and on the other hand, the advantages of either of the two ways of working.
Computer-assisted modeling based on the idea that man can not be excluded from the management of a system because it forms the main source of hypotheses about system behavior and only able to capture a share of development integrating the results of different variants it.
However this is an opportunity for self-training specialist, he was always responsive and accommodating galloping software development industry.

Assoc. Dr. Cristina Coculescu
Prof. dr. Dr. Radu Despa

Radu Despa
Cristina Coculescu

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