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Editura Universitara Promoting domestic and international economic affairs - A systems approach

21,20 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-305-9

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 190

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Laura Dindire

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Promoting activity is part of a remarkable relevance in all areas of human activity and especially in the economy.

Studies conducted by world renowned authors, academics, Nobel laureates have found that as we progress in this century, the promotion of competitiveness is the number one factor.

Reasoning assumes that producers will be achieved gradually from an equalization in terms of quality and then, along with price, promotion becomes a prime factor of competitive competition.

In Romania, the promotion was a long half-both in theory and practice of economics. As such, the book Promoting domestic and international economic affairs - a systemic approach, author Laura Passing, is situated in a real and actual perennial and has a real interest in theoretical and functional practicality.

This paper presents an analysis of international economic affairs to promote laborious, both at microeconomic and macroeconomic level, as an imperative of growth and diversification of Romanian exports. The originality of the work is to achieve a new approach in the field namely, presenting as systemic promote economic business, promotional and management systems, their characterization, focusing on the methodology of analysis of the structure, planning and coordination of advertising, which has allowed the creation by the author of the model system approach to promote economic affairs.

The book covers the fundamental aspects of advertising, the importance of advertising reflected the economic dimension of national and international publicity and a program for overseas markets based on market analysis, target audience, promotional budget rationalization and efficiency, by all means and analysis methods of transmitting the advertising message to the adoption of the best decisions for the audience, frequency, developing advertising mix, planning actions and evaluating advertising effectiveness. In addressing the strategic development of organizational public relations, public relations side of conceptualizing and presenting ways and methods of management and international public opinion and public relations influence on the efficiency of Romanian business activity, and various policies, strategies, programs and campaigns public relations as dynamic requirements for economic affairs. The book includes review and preparation of participants to participate in exhibitions in order to achieve promotion and marketing, improving performance of participation in order to ensure competitiveness and efficiency evaluation of participation. End of the paper is focused on improving the promotion and image management environment and international organizations, an opportunity that deepens concerns impact aspects of the brand image of Romanian products, as part of the recovery in exports, but also strategies and techniques to build and improve identity organizations and international environment, managing various crises that can disrupt management activities.

Along with the deepening of the theoretical, scientific, comprehensive doctrine and procedures specific and based on his scientific investigation of strategies to promote economic affairs successfully used nationally and internationally, contributing to higher capitalization of comparative advantages, strategic or competitive organizations that use them. Research concerns the analysis and promotion of Economic Affairs of the author reflected in publications impact studies and research were used in this paper. All they recommend this book both students and professionals interested in all these areas of science and practitioners and entrepreneurs to optimize promotional strategies applied in enterprises.



Professor Doctor Alexandru Puiu

Scientific reviewer

  • Promovarea afacerilor economice interne şi internaţionale - O abordare sistemică

Laura Dindire

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