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Editura Universitara Insurance Economy, ed. II

27,94 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-346-2

DOI: 10.5682/9786065913462

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: II


Publisher: Universitară

Author: Roxana Ionescu

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A key issue in life and human development since ancient times was the concern for the future, fear combined with a safety precaution and wisdom so true. People have come together to address the consequences of accidents.
Thus, traders practicing ancient forms of protection to cover damage during transport goods. For example, in maritime law stipulates that Rodhosului losses caused by discarding part of the goods in order to save the remaining load to be borne by all owners of cargo loaded on board. In ancient Rome there were associations based on solidarity that occurred after the damages.
Then, there are elements of a contract of insurance early form of a loan contract amount to guarantee a long-distance transport of goods, if they do not reach their destination, the creditor losing the loan. This contract expands gradually and there is true even in the early Middle Ages.
We can say, in a way that the provision appeared with the advent of human society. We know of two types of economies that have characterized the company over time: exchange savings (achieved with the corresponding elements: exchange markets, money, various instruments) and natural economies, in the absence of these elements, which dates from times long older than the first.
In such a natural economy, we look at the concept of insurance as a form of relief between individuals in society. For example, if a house suffers a devastating fire, that will help community members together to rebuild the house, otherwise they will not get any help in the future. This type of insurance has survived to this day in areas where modern exchange economies have penetrated only superficially (eg in some countries of the former Soviet Union).
Providing financial protection express mainly for people or companies suffered losses due to various risks.
Assurance methods were developed with the existing protection needs at a time for people and their businesses. Such businesses have agreed to use insurance to reduce risks that may arise in commercial transactions and those relating to heritage protection.


The author

Roxana Ionescu

Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir"
Department of Tourism Management and Commercial

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