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Editura Universitara Econometrics

19,27 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-298-4

DOI: 10.5682/9786065912984

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 200

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Gheorghe Savoiu

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Recent developments in the economy generates new statistical information validated by objective laws, legally requiring new approaches of the kind of sociofizică, econophysics, systems theory, human ecology, to name just a few examples, and offers solutions and multidisciplinary cross assimilating new behavioral patterns of sociology, traditional models of statistical physics and quantum statistics, holistic thinking in addressing systemic or integrated into the environment and human ecology, etc. man.
In his attempt to comprehensively explain the fluctuation phenomena, econometrics was the first multidisciplinary approach that first "unification of viewpoints that relate to economic theory, statistics and mathematics, the quantitative nature of economic relations" (Ragnar Frisch) Between the pillars which now provides the economic structure of modern academic education includes natural and econometrics, quantitative discipline, phenomenology and modeling, summary statistics pragmatic general, micro and macroeconomics, economic mathematics, computer science, with the emergence of these distinct scientific vision. In econometrics has already become traditional, economic data are analyzed by methods, statistical and mathematical techniques and tools and the models results, be measured only relations between variables (or at least the past tense now) or quantify and estimate how changes in some variables can affect the course of another potential (future time). To enroll in the recovery trend of software packages specialized in econometrics, in the pages of this book was used successfully in E-Views software, recognized as one of the most popular Romanian econometric literature. The book is structured on seven major themes, a real week of modeling, which summarizes the main moments of contemplation with modeling, methods and tools common practices of this remarkable science. The objective of writing the text was to explain how econometrics multidisciplinary thinking, rooted in classical statistical thinking and modeling correlation statistical tests of hypotheses, but covering a wider universe, unifactorial and multifactorial regression analysis and residual variable, assynthesis of the necessary balance-reality model described by econometric model.Gradually defeated the idea of ​​forming a molding applied scientific thinking and the desire to expose or make it easily understood specificity, originality and simplicity of econometric modeling, which, although necessary validations permanent type competitions may occur: homoscedasticitate versus heteroscedasticitate, independence multicoliniaritate versus absence of autocorrelation versus its presence, when referring to the econometric model.
Thanks to all readers, especially those who will point out errors or ambiguities in the text of this book, which is certainly and always going to be improved, highlighting expected to address gheorghe.savoiu @ Remember that what we become depends largely on what we read, every great university is, first, as noted Thomas Carlyle, a large collection of books ...

The author

Gheorghe Savoiu

Education: Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce (1981)
Scientific titles: Doctor of Cybernetics and Economic Statistics (2000), Associate Professor Ph.D. State University of Pitesti.
Books published:
- Universal index prices and interpreter (Author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2001;
- Economic Statistics (applications, tests, case studies) (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2002;
- Business Statistics (co-author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2002;
- Financial Statistics (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2003;
- General statistics. Arguments in favor of statistical thinking training (author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2003;
- Applied Statistics in the economic and social (author), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2004;
- General statistics of theoretical elements, multiple choice tests, applications and case studies (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2004;
- Marketing research and modeling. Quantitative market research methods (eds.), Academic Publishing, Bucharest, 2005;
- Social cohesion and measurement concept (co-author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2005;
- Recovery of Natural Resources, Volume III, increasing the efficiency of turning natural resources management (co-author), Ed International University Press, Bucharest, 2005;
- Projects with external funding (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2006;
- Guide License (eds.), Ed economic independence, Pitesti, 2006;
- The population explosion and implosion of the world between demographic (Author), Ed International University Press, Bucharest, 2006;
- Statistics. A scientific way of thinking (author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007;
- Exploratory Domains of Econophysics. News: Papers of the workshops EDEN I & II (eds.), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009;
- Statistics: thinking and methods (author), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009;
- Econometrics (eds.), University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009.

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