Commercial Management - from procurement to sale

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ISBN: 978-606-591-698-2

DOI: 10.5682/9786065916982

Publisher year: 2013

Edition: I

Pages: 169

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Elisabeta Andreea Budacia, Laura Georgeta Baragan

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Elisabeta Andreea Budacia Ph.D. in Economics, specializing in trade and services economy, the Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce.
University Lecturer in Roman - American.
Has made important contributions in scientific research by developing and presenting scientific papers at symposiums and conferences with national and international participation, and by publishing them in books or magazines prestigious, among the most significant are found: Marketing audiovisual services; Issues management of foreign trade activities, the place and role of information services, cultural, educational and entertainment in the services market in Romania, Price Risk Management in International Commercial Transactions with Industrial Goods, The specifics of Marketing Mix Strategies in television, promotional techniques in the field Broadcasting, Marketing Research in the television field, etc. coordinates.
The literature stated by contributions to the achievement of the Treaty of Commercial Management, Commercial Management of the collection - instrumental structures, and debates issues papers, case studies, practical works, works of licenses, tests, Explanatory Dictionary of Commercial Management and Marketing of the work - theoretical, case studies, applications, tests.
Throughout his academic career he taught courses and held seminars in subjects such as Business Management, Marketing Basics, Marketing Policies and Strategies.
Field of competence includes commercial management, marketing and market research techniques.
Laura Georgeta Baragan

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