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Editura Universitara Banking products and services - Cristina Stănescu, Mihai Nedelescu

26,98 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-329-5

DOI: 10.5682/9786065913295

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 222

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Cristina Stănescu, Mihai Nedelescu

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The business world is becoming increasingly competitive, and profitable to those involved in economic life depends more and more of the operational effectiveness of specific activities. To ensure smooth operation, they have to know, apply and comply with the requirements of market economy conditions and using the most efficient products and services offered by banks.

This work was designed to highlight products and services through which it is possible to integrate effective and efficient financial and banking activities in the economy.

In recent years we are witnessing a revolution in banking, due to the rapid development of computing and telecommunications, in terms of value transfer system from those who have funds to those in need of funds by passing instruments payment on paper to electronic support tools and operations to stop the electronic transfer of funds from a distance. All these changes lead to achieving business goal as banking and financial transactions take place simultaneously with the economic and transfers of funds to be made in real time that upon receipt of the necessary instructions to the bank.

In the present study was intended to focus more on the pragmatic side of the banking system, providing data on the operation and use of banking products and services that make it easy understanding of the financial mechanism, highlighting the duties and responsibilities of system main bank as an intermediary in the transfer of funds and completion payments.For
documentation necessary to achieve this edition the authors have consulted the literature of prestigious authors in the field of banking and documentation provided to us by the National Bank of Romania and the main commercial banks in the Romanian banking system.

We also conducted a thorough research regarding legislation on the regulation and use of products and banking services.

The authors

Mihai Nedelescu
Cristina Stănescu

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