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Editura Universitara Crisis. Romania at the crossroads

28,90 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-997-4

Publisher year: 2010

Edition: I

Pages: 266

Publisher: Editura Universitara


C. M. Drăgan
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We propose a discussion of the crisis, the crisis that swept Romania generalized to the global crisis came upon us as the roller at a time when we have our own crisis: political, social, financial, all potentandu each other and becoming more devastating.
Human society progresses across increasingly more cataracts, whirling like a river. All and all we are always in "crisis": we are running out of time, we are running out of money, we are running out of space, we are running out of ideas, we are in crisis ... the crisis. And these are only some facets, because an economic crisis always has a political background, acting in all possible directions and even acroseaza everyday human relationships.
So is it now when the international economic crisis ravaged the world hard. Scientists from all countries trying to "dissect" the situation reached this point in the global economy and possibly to predict the unpredictable.
After more than two centuries of industrial revolution, world map depicts the same two kinds of people: "developed" and "weak", or - more of everything - some becoming richer, others becoming poorer . Rich countries more than a third of world population and consumes over two-thirds of the world. At such resources, investment and technological factors explodes exponentially, and the development and surplus began to increasingly hinder the economy. In fact it is a break balances, alergandu after the permanent markets, and diversifying the channels and forms of manifestation of waste.
At this stage of evolution of human society, the decisive factor is the same - harmonization of development - but, ironically, the only problem remains uncertain development process itself. Development is not an exercise in the field of economics, it is an audacious action, which engages the energies, ambitions and passions of men. The only open question is the cost of development, and the only thing that matters is how much this cost will affect the living standards of freedom and life generation. Because otherwise break other equilibria. And so it can be said that the advance of the crisis in crisis (optimists can say the rest at rest), or as we develop balanced but not "balancing", from ecstasy to agony when it is but a step.

Case Study
In a village of the plain, came accompanied by his secretary an investor. The first door beaten path and found the owner told him: "Look, I am collector of frogs. If I bring a frog, I'll give you 10 euros on it. Taran ran back to pond behind the house and took a frog. I gave an investor and receive the 10 euro. Then he told neighbors that he did good business. The next day, each farmer went to the investor with one frog, which he sold it with 10 euros.
After a few days, the investor told the villagers: "I see business going. Today, for every frog I'll pay about 20 euros. "
The peasants, excited great need, they ran to the pond, how many frogs could have picked, and I gave them. Before leaving he said: "My dear, I have to go back immediately to my house to take care of business. But I promise that in return, I will buy from you 60 euro piece frogs." And left, to the cheers of the villagers.
The next day, Secretary gathered the villagers and the investor has held the following speech: "Brothers, I thought a deal for you. My boss will be back in two weeks. And you will pay 60 euros each frog . If you want, I can sell back frogs that I have given, for 35 euros each, and you will sell them by 60 and you win as many as 25 euros. your profit will be pretty and without any effort. What you say? " Villagers gathered in council and decided that a business so they do not come soon. They laid hold of the hand, which were borrowed on where frogs could and bought back 35 euros each. Secretary investor took the money and disappeared. And the villagers were left with frogs, give money and debts to creditors.


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C. M. Drăgan
C. M. Drăgan

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