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Editura Universitara Country risk. Theoretical basis

23,11 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-068-3

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 270

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Marius Bacescu, Angelica Bacescu – Carbunaru

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The Romanian people have the right and deserves to climb the stairs one of the top of the ladder of world civilization. The will be higher on this scale, it will have to produce more to meet its many needs, because consumption is closely linked to production, is the true measure of civilization and well-being of the people.
Of course, civilization is the product of the Romanian people's history of many previous civilizations and heterogeneous. Never was due to a single nation, but in most cases it should be born through a process of centuries, the main purpose of civilization is, as Spiru Haret said, "is to make it disappear completely and set any form The original barbarism. " A civilization based on the naivety of people's spirit drives culture, brings together scientific and political victories, making us improve welfare institutions and ideas of the past with the present tense.
We can not deny that civilization expensive. But it lifts us off our individuality and to be head up, then it means that you and produce more. Civilization does not have to drive out ideas and national character, but only to enrich for the good of the nation, in particular, and humanity in general. "In this symphony so rich civilization - said Eugen Lovinescu - each nation must bring its note, a note intense or weak, but that does not resemble the other."
One of the most retrograde legacy of our past is "mentality import model" we
practiced it for years, as a symptom of conformism and the crisis mentality and imagination. We must not forget that there are "a Romanian model" to be aware of it and enrich it with corrective experiences elsewhere. We must, therefore, the circuit connected to the world of knowledge in managerial values ​​confirmed and reconfirmed our reality perennial, with deep roots in the Romanian tradition. As such, we must take over the authentic values ​​of other countries through a critical approach, not through a rational and "mimicry" infantile and damage.
Romanian management to capitalize on the current reality and creative forces of the Romanian companies to exploit and make the most of this mentality, without ignoring the need to change it. We are too late, too quick and too poor to expect a change of mentality in order to obtain better results, while the world is moving at a rapid pace. Any foreign model can be accepted rather as a storehouse of experience as a database rather than as a line of conduct. Since 1989, we brought in the capitalist countries to design work, discipline and worship of entrepreneurial quality and accountability, but we brought drugs, criminals, mafia and organized crime networks.
The events of December 1989 marked the entry of Romania into a stage of transition from socialist to the capitalist economy.
The first stage of this transition, 1990-2000, was managed by several governments that have failed to achieve than an economic decline which in turn has generated, on the other hand, poverty and economic insecurity for most of population and, on the other hand, increasing the gap that separated us from European Union countries and other developed countries of the world.
Normally, entry into twentieth century could not continue in this way. Therefore, the Romanian realities can not be cruel not to establish a socio-economic recovery program aimed at several objectives such as:
- sustainable economic growth and accelerated, driven by increasing domestic production;
- acceleration of privatization in all sectors;
- rapid reduction in inflation;
- attracting substantial foreign investment;
- enhanced and convenient access to foreign loans for development and strengthening the country's foreign exchange reserves;
- simplifying bureaucratic procedures, combating corruption and strengthening the firm authority of state institutions.
Results of such a program must be:
- economic growth and reduce the gaps separating Romania from developed countries;
- improving the quality of life for citizens of the country, creating a peaceful social climate;
 - democracy rule of law;
 - creating conditions for the near horizon Romania in the EU and NATO integration.
Romania has entered a stage where "time has no patience" and mentality must be changed on the fly. This means that even if you run slower, we should not stop. As such, it must assimilate all that is best in the world on management, to process this knowledge, and then look at the Romanian reality and choose what suits us.
Infusion of nerve and spirit capitalist action is necessary only to the extent that it primed a process that subsequently can be self-sustainability.
In conclusion, we can say that the time has come and the Romanian government management to move from managing director to the management contractor, owner, who is accompanied by greater innovation, dynamism and responsibility.
Today is one of the ever present "322 Peter's memorable words Tutea" which says: "This one very big steps Mr. called" business "on the steps bear This one is modern civilization."
Given the above, we will allow to render some considerations for improving Romanian management philosophy.
- In terms of active intelligence that schools do, Romanians can compare with anyone in this world. We have highly trained people and in terms of education, are above the European average. As such, the Romanians are smart, clever, good ducats, but still poor, and their culture is at the stable, solid and steadfast affirmation of the Romanian people. Romania is able to combine accuracy and fantasy German and French spirit, tradition and technology with Japanese and American spirit of adventure.
- The only difference between Romania and other developed countries is the attitude towards work.
- The current stage through which Romania is a step in the reform and restructuring, which is a separate stage to be non-values ​​and pseudovalori values.
- Romania's economy is an economy ill and her illness is called "inefficiency".
- Because no country had the experience of other countries, each country should seek their own solutions, including the attitudes of the people that apply.
- Because so far I have done many things well, you need to continue to perpetuate what is good and build on this basis.
- Because today in Romania is low purchasing power, monopolies dominate in some areas and foreigners are tempted to enter the market only country which it provides, maintaining the internal market is very difficult.
- Things go wrong in Romania because Romania was accustomed to ideas' and it goes "and" is perhaps different than the law says. " The only solution is for Romanians to stop "sleep of reason" and return to normal.
- The main problem and the worst of a manager is not to produce, not to deliver, but to collect money that offers customers.
- If the Romanian society is taking a series of bad decisions that concern all members of society, this is because in our culture there is a lack of statistics, meaning that many people do not realize the importance of providing sincerely and correct certain data and information.
- The Romanian economy, as long as domestic production is not relaunched, will be economic bottlenecks. This actually started blocking the decapitalization companies.
- We have to change the concept of "to go to work" in "to go to work." Otherwise, his life will not improve, but rather the phrase "holy man instead of" will remain empty.
- Only when every man feels the pocket that should work, only then it will work.
- Everyone feels the need to be appreciated. With dignity and honor his life of freedom and you can not play, because it can become violent.
When a man has a passion, no matter what kind it is, means that he wants to do something, while a man who is not passionate about anything it can not do anything. As such, one can not succeed if tomorrow will not do anything more than today.
The strength of an organization lies in the ability and initiative of people, not the technical means. You also need to know to separate the values ​​of non-values, because there are stupid fools without a diploma and degree.
- You can not base a strategy without a serious marketing activity, from the start all the necessary information about the market. Attention should be directed to the buyer because the buyer is one who sticks the money in your pocket.
Government employees is available to all customers (taxpayers), because his salary due to them. Optics have changed rooted here, in which "the customer is available to civil and not vice versa."
- The product should be given more attention to our work, because as you can with fighting with anyone on the market. In fact quality is ultimately the best advertising, which forces us to always stay with the market and not back to it.
- It's a real art to you create and keep your customers. If you do not possess this art, nor is pointless to try. Master of any manager is his client. With quality you can not fool your customer more than once because you do not have a second chance to do it. If you do not have the market do not have the subject work.
Customer psychology can climb or descend. A satisfied customer tells the other two on when a dissatisfied customer tells the other twenty. Should not forget that we live so from customers, so we must keep in touch with them.
Based market economy is privatization, which is not an end in itself but a means to effectively solve our problems by decentralizing responsibilities and motivating action. Without property there can be no progress.
Privatization is to increase the responsibility of all employees, and shareholders will not tolerate practices that have regard to the profile. People have different attitude to private property than to the state.
In the private sector, good decisions have a beneficial effect immediately, and bad decisions can lead to economic catastrophe right away. To make a good decision requires good information, that is correct and timely information.
- It is not enough to hold the information, but need to know and how to use it. Market knowledge can only be improved with an information system. The key is information, because the rule has the holder of the information. XXI century will be the century of the money will not dictate, but information.
- The essential difference between civilized people and less civilized is the land which are not, but the mentality they have.
- The hardest thing to change is the mentality of people, because everyone is dominated by different ways.
Managers must be the fastest changing mentality, ie continuous learners and are open to new. A new manager can be only one who can quickly get rid of the ballast, which is called thinking.
You must get rid of the mentality that we can produce anything and still receive a salary.
Ultimately, management must be art to persuade the others to do their own initiative as you want, while accepting the benefits of those ideas led. Of course you can not drive better than an activity that you know.
Good manager can not be one who does not love the people I lead, because power is not just for resources but also people. As such, they must be as a father of the family.
- The manager of tomorrow must be a good psychologist, have team spirit, to be honest, be severe, be persistent in the struggle with weight and to be well prepared in its field, combining technical training, economic and legal.
A good specialist is not always a good leader. Manageriatul is a talent you have or not. Therefore there are many who do not have a very good training, but very well run. As many philologists, but few writers are so many specialists, but few managers.
- A good manager can not thank them all. When everyone is satisfied, it means that things do not go too well.
- A team manager will be a good manager unless it has passed through all the existing functions in that group. Only then will the great prestige to the employees.
A manager needs to speak for ten times less than listening. Driving is not to solve all problems, but to select the right people who can solve this problem best to get the results you want. Without leading the entire team can not succeed. Also there is the risk that a collective responsibility to turn into a lack of responsibility.
- Manager program is not a worker. Awake as long as they are connected to its activity.
- You can not be a manager without assuming a certain degree of risk.
- The manager who fails to condemn to death the word safe. In fact, each manager will be rewarded or will pay for what he does.
- Art requires a manager to be able to keep things ready-made and well functioning.
- Manager will be successful when you know how to apply general laws learned in the specific field of activity and you will not expect solutions from others.
A true manager is one who gets to pay workers salaries, dividends and, furthermore, let's invest.
- Much of the success depends on how managers behave and the extent to which personal sacrifices.
- The manager should not make its decisions feelings. He also must not descend to the level of thinking of the worker, but to bring workers to the level of managerial thinking.
- Price thought the manager is responsible, because where is decision to be moral.

All these ideas are only expressions of management of management experience across a defined area of ​​activity. Therefore, they have known to not have to rediscover them. However, this philosophy will be developed as the technical and managerial practice will expand because it will be part of the management culture and they can shape and define the ethics of the profession of manager government, no matter at what level is hierarchical.
In conclusion, we can say that the degree of civilization of a people is higher, the risk of country living will be lower. For Romania to become a country with low risk, with all countries willing to take economic or other relations, must climb the ladder of world civilization, to improve management and image to the world.
For Romania's country risk to be reduced significantly, you need a process of revival of Romanians, based on the awakening of national consciousness, because it is not the greatest act in the world than the revival of a nation that tends to sit among nations respect and dignity. Moreover, we believe that there is a more beautiful and noble mission than to work with everyone to achieve such an act. Finally, to reduce Romania's country risk, we need perseverance, because high persistence based and develops passions while being under the needful in any of the circumstances of life.
How right was John Slavici when he said that "ant hill flip, but it can move from place: slowly, slowly, piece by piece."
New, Romanians, what remains to be done? Let us knuckle down to work!.


We can not point to this preface without expressing our most righteous and the sweetest of feelings - gratitude - to the Academy of Scientists in Romania, which could outline a number of ideas in this book, and to The University Publishing House, which has promoted and promotes continuous, without prejudice and with a special material and human effort, progress in economic science, the living link between past, present and future.


September 2010

Professor Marius Băcescu,
Member of the Academy of Scientists in Romania
Commission Vice-President of Cybernetics of Romanian Academy

  • Riscul de ţară. Bazele teoretice

Marius Bacescu

graduate of the Economic Calculation and Economic Cybernetics, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest in 1968;
Professor of Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies in ASE Bucharest and associate professor at Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the Romanian Banking Institute.
PhD in the field of Cybernetics and economic statistics,
Member of the Academy of Scientists in Romania
Cybernetics member of the Romanian Academy and the Romanian Society of Statistics;
author and coauthor of over 100 articles published over 130 scientific and communications more than 25 books in economics;
Victor Slavescu laureate for economics of the Romanian Academy Award in 2000 and Virgil Madgearu the economy of the Academy of Scientists in Romania in 2005.

Angelica Bacescu – Carbunaru

graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics from the ASE Bucharest in 1992;
professor at the Department of Statistics and Econometrics from ASE Bucharest;
corresponding member of Academy of Scientists in Romania;
Cybernetics member of the Romanian Academy, the Romanian Society of Statistics and of the Romanian Regional Science;
Victor Slavescu laureate for economics of the Romanian Academy in 2000;
author or coauthor of 15 books in economics, has published over 45 articles and over 55 scientific papers.

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