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Editura Universitara International Relations and Diplomacy. Between theory and practice - Elena Chirita

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0425-1

DOI: 10.5682/ 9786062804251

Publisher year: 2016

Pages: 264

Publisher: Editura Universitara

Author: Elena Chirita

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"International Relations and Diplomacy - between theory and practice", a book that responds to a need not only from applicants for a position in an embassy or an international organization, but is also recommended to politicians and the corporate environment working in in the field of international economics.
A very helpful book for students, journalists, but also for those people who appear on television to give their opinion on any issue of foreign policy, international relations and diplomacy, people with pretensions of skilled commentators, without having minimum experience in the field, without knowing the meaning of the terms used.
Readers will find between the covers of this volume an indispensable working tool for the correct approach to international relations, by understanding the basic paradigms of foreign policy, diplomacy, geopolitics and geostrategy. Conceived in 12 chapters, the paper acquaints the reader with the terminology of international relations, diplomatic and consular relations, international treaties, diplomatic language and protocol customs. Compared to other works on the same topic existing on the Romanian publishing market, for a good understanding of the field, an element of novelty that the author brings is the harmonious combination of theoretical notions with practical aspects.
The wealth of information and practical examples makes this book a real gem in the library of any person interested in information, documentation and professional development in the field of international relations.

  • International Relations and Diplomacy. Between theory and practice


Preface / 7

Chapter I
External politics. International relations
/ 11

Chapter II
Geopolitics and geostrategy in international relations
/ 73

Chapter III
Globalization and the state
/ 83

Chapter IV
Diplomatic relations. Diplomacy as a state profession
/ 95

Chapter V
Diplomatic mission. Members of the diplomatic and consular corps
/ 121

Chapter VI
Documents and diplomatic correspondence
/ 159

Chapter VII
Movement of people. International judicial cooperation
/ 13

Chapter VIII
Dysplomatic and consular protection
/ 185

Chapter IX
Diplomatic language and public communication
/ 197

Chapter X
Immunities and privileges
/ 205

Chapter XI
Diplomatic career. Vocational training
/ 225

Chapter XII
Using institutional protocol
/ 239

Bibliography / 259

The topic of diplomacy and international relations, in general, was one of the topics addressed in recent years, proving the interest of the public and specialists to understand how the diplomatic system works in modern times and its special role in promoting Romania's foreign policy. In this landscape rich in editorial appearances, Mrs. Elena Chirita's book, entitled "International Relations and Diplomacy - between theory and practice" is a real editorial event. This is due to the fact that the author combines three qualities. He is, first of all, a professional journalist with a rich activity, specialized to a significant extent in the field of international relations and diplomacy, exercised both in the country and abroad. Secondly, she is a well-known researcher in the field and the author of books such as: “The Power of the Image in Public Relations. Norms of protocol and efficient communication "," Diplomats around the world "," How we speak in public. Oratory exercises ”or“ Politics and Diplomacy ”. Thirdly, the author has a diplomatic experience in practical activity, being the wife of an ambassador in Venezuela and an excellent Spanish speaker was involved in the current activities of the diplomatic mission. In addition, she has been accredited and has participated in a number of international meetings organized by the United Nations Environment Program, the United Nations Development Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization or the International Atomic Energy Agency. To all this, are added the numerous editorial projects of public diplomacy that he initiated as a journalist at the newspaper Romania Libera, where he coordinated the publication "Girueta Diplomatica", as well as the collaboration with the magazine "Clipa" from California, the newspaper Your Voice ”in Nuremberg or with“ Radio Romania Actualitati ”and“ Radio National Venezuela ”. In public recognition of her work as a writer, the Union of Professional Czarists in Romania awarded her the Excellence Award for the volume "Holocaust - Destinies at the Crossroads" in 2013.
The activity of journalist, researcher and active participant in diplomatic life is fully reflected in the book he presents to readers interested in international relations in general, but also in the tools that diplomacy uses in its practical activity. It is not a handbook of diplomacy, but contains sufficient information for those interested, such as, for example, the distinction between bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, diplomacy through international organizations and conferences, high-level diplomacy, the history of diplomacy, the organization and functioning of the diplomatic corps. , the role of embassies as institutions for the representation of states and for the protection of their interests, as well as for the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the represented states. To these general topics concerning diplomacy, are added a series of chapters that present a practical importance in diplomatic activity, such as: diplomatic career, classified information and their protection, the institution of asylum in international law with the presentation of Latin American specifics, the only area where the diplomatic asylum exists and is respected, respectively the refuge of some persons or rather personalities in the headquarters of an embassy or the diplomatic privileges and immunities.
Given her professional experience as a journalist, but also as a member of the Romanian diplomatic corps, the author presents in an articulated and well-documented way some important topics in diplomatic activity, but also in everyday life, such as: diplomatic language and public communication, the uses of institutional protocol that can be a source of inspiration in social life in general, or of social etiquette, including an interesting description of habits and superstitions that must be taken into account in diplomatic activity, but also in social relations in general.
Another facet of the book is to present to the general public a series of important or even crucial events for international relations, which also had effects on our country. In addition to the author's analysis, the paper includes memorable quotes and photographs illustrating the text.

Ambassador Teodor Melescanu
Minister of Foreign Affairs (1992-1996; 2014)

Bucharest, 2016

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