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Editura Neverland Label and protocol. Volume III - Blackmailable with and without permission: subliminal communication. Good manners express guide - Mariana Mion Pop

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Publisher: Neverland

Author: Mariana Mion Pop

Pages: 176

Publisher year: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-8390-96-3

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The topic of the last volume of the "Label and Protocol" series brings into discussion the subliminal communication, under the umbrella of which are presented a series of elements through which it is put into practice, such as technological devices, handling, professional status and more.

The language used in this volume is clear, effective and with a dose of humor, like the previous volumes, making this reading a real pleasure.

Compared to other papers, the volume contains a section dedicated to testing the accumulated knowledge, which consists of 250 grid questions covering the information presented in all three volumes of the "Label and Protocol" series, accompanied by a section dedicated to solving them.

It is recommended that a good communicator be able to express himself verbally, nonverbally and subliminally, and this series covers all three dimensions.
  • Label and protocol. Volume III - Blackmailable with and without permission: subliminal communication. Good manners express guide - Mariana Mion Pop

How do we distinguish the correct information from the false / incorrect one? / 7
from 2 to 6 years / 10
from 6-14 years / 10
What is changing? / 12
from 14-25 years / 13
from 25 -... years / 16
Skype access and other forms of direct / video / 18 communication
We and the children / 25
Ex couple, extended families / 25
Who educates the child? / 26
Pointing finger / 28
Do I look, describe or clean? / 28
No and no / 30
Hairdresser, hairdresser, masseur, nanny and housekeeper, tailor and shoemaker, driver and secretary / 32
The secretary knows everything / 33
Secretary 's attire: / 35
What is not said, but felt / 38
The social engineer / 38
Why do we wash? / 41
Why do we ventilate closed places? / 42
Why do we have to walk? / 42
Who do we do business with? / 44
Lies and jokes / 46
Me, the office and prestige / 48
Staff etiquette / 52
Conferences, meetings and confrontations / 54
In politics / 58
Social problems / 60
7 days, 7 thoughts / 60
Speech in and for the public / 62
Mr. or Mrs. next door / 68
Happiness knocks at the door… to whom? / 75
Ask and you shall receive! / 91
Let's go to ... school / 94
Steps ... the first obstacles in school life / 107
Violence and fear / 109
How we behave with ourselves / 111
Youth without old age and life without / 113
On the last road / 116
Dignity in the face of death / 116
TESTS / 119
Bibliography / 169

Precisely due to advanced technology, many things have changed in recent decades, worldwide. Along with technology, society, the economy and the culture of the population around the globe have changed. By default, the training of adults and children must be high, because not using the new generation of tools means regression.

Thus, the communication between people is simplified, precisely due to the technological progress, it is tried to reduce the consumptions and the human effort on all levels.

A new way to work through the computer system is offered by your employer. What are the company's obligations? We let the entrepreneur think about them. But you:

- take into account if you are required to work a schedule or you are left with a free schedule provided you finish and send the necessary things in a timely manner;
- the hours worked for the benefit of the company can be counted automatically because you will have to enter the network with a certain password;
- ask if you are paid overtime at home;
- dress decently even if you work from home, in case you have to enter a video conference;
- hairstyle and manicure must be taken care of as if you were physically present in an office;
- create a pleasant working environment in the home office, so as not to be surprised when you are asked for explanations in the video;
- if you have to work from home with students, collaborators, etc. and provide them with clarifications, details, etc. use materials to simplify your work at a distance: slides, spreadsheets, drawings, drawings, albums, maps, etc., which you should send to them in advance (if applicable);
- use an open pencil or palm to indicate a certain thing in a video conference, not the finger;
- if you know you are not very photogenic, try to adjust your face with a colored lip pencil, a black eye pencil, a little foundation and a thin layer of powder if you know that you sweat very easily in the spotlight / a lamp strong ones that favor the visibility of the slides;
- prefer dark clothing and footwear for video conferencing;
- do not provide your private address without receiving approval from the employer;
- do not reply to the email from your address if the letter is addressed to the company;
- do not pay anything in the company's account without authorization and in its account;
- do not purchase objects, trips, etc., charging the company's expenses;
- make all payments sent to the bank and informative by email;
- do not refuse a meal to which the entrepreneur invites you.

A new way to inform you is offered by technology that has quickly penetrated many countries around the world. We must mention that the information, quantitatively analyzed, is always growing exponentially; qualitatively analyzed, the information occupies all degrees of comparison. If something escapes you and you are not an expert, ask the opinion of a specialist so as not to fall into a trap.

A new way of informing is related to the distribution of information containing correct notions (quantitative and qualitative) and with the direct responsibility of the distributor / informant.

A new way to misinform is related to the distribution of information containing totally / partially false / incorrect notions (quantitative and qualitative) and without the direct responsibility of the distributor / informant.

How do we distinguish correct information from false / incorrect information?

Only the one who knows the truth can distinguish the correct / true information from the false / incorrect ones. The net is stretched, and those who trust too much in the supposed truth of a post office may suffer not only him but also his family / loved ones. That is why we feel obliged to provide some guidance to those in good faith on the phone, tablet and computer.

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