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Editura Neverland Label and protocol. Volume II - The table is served: nonverbal communication. Good manners express guide - Mariana Mion Pop

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Publisher: Neverland

Author: Mariana Mion Pop

Pages: 144

Publisher year: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-8390-98-7

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The second volume of the "Label and Protocol" series draws our attention to the fact that it matters not only what we transmit directly, but also what we transmit indirectly, through nonverbal communication. The way we use the cutlery, the way we sit at the table or even the way we leave the classic tip, says as much about us as a first official presentation.

The volume presents the most appropriate ways to behave in various ways, combining the descriptive method, with a series of explanatory images, but also with some examples of dialogue that have a funny nuance, to facilitate the process of acquiring new knowledge.

If the reader's intention is to improve his nonverbal messages or to be able to analyze and interpret other people's behavior, this volume is the right choice.
  • Label and protocol. Volume II - The table is served: nonverbal communication. Good manners express guide - Mariana Mion Pop

Questionnaire or introductory word / 5
Help / 8
Receiving and greeting / 11
„Te… pup” / 17
Identity and age / 19
Identity and freedom are sacred / 20
A toast / 23
Business card / 24
"The academic quarter" / 27
The "make money" badge / 29
The letter / 33
Congratulations and views / 35
Writing an invitation / 38
How do we write a menu? / 43
Reservation of the table / 45
Flowers are not gifts / 48
Packed or unpackaged gifts? / 54
Packed or unpacked gifts / 55
Candles and candlesticks / 59
… It's just style / 61
Outfit and wardrobe / 63
Seasons and colors. / 69
Complementary / 70
Perfume / 72
What we wear and how we wear / 74
Glasses / 75
We go where, when and how / 76
VISIT / 85
I am waiting for family guests / 87
The dance / 89
The guest / 91
The chair, the armchair and the sofa / 93
Hi, this is Stroe / 96
Vorbim / 101
Why, when and how / 105
In your own home / 109
The bedroom / 115
The neighbor / 117
What objects do we borrow, to whom and why? / 120
In public places. / 122
On the ladder / 125
Who enters? Who's coming out? / 126
The restaurant / 128
On a trip / 132
In the hotel / 138
By plane / 143
In train / 148
In the subway, tram and bus / 151
By taxi and car / 153
The doctor / 155
At the store / 158
At the dry cleaner's / 162
How we use the bathroom and the W.C. / 164

Archimedes claimed: "Give me a fixed point and I will overthrow the world." This can happen to anyone, anytime. Desire means power. We need a model, we want it and everyone is looking for it.

The sound does not propagate in a vacuum; desire, through its vibration, through electromagnetic waves, yes.

So, I was crying in vain for help. Nobody takes pity on us. At most it can give us a "fixed point", so all we have to do is work on our own to confirm that we can "turn the world upside down".

Everyone can leave from somewhere, without big and high universities, being aware that Galileo Galilei also left the natural elements existing on Earth since the creation of the world: stone, string and wood.

It took three elements to discover the first and second laws of motion. But here, too, a fundamental element was needed: the heart. By making the time available, the heart eased Galileo's work and so he discovered

So, time will be our good friend to learn, proving that only cultural evolution can differentiate us from our ancestors.

If education could nest in the heart of a proton, the size of which is a tenth of a billionth of a centimeter, it would be very easy for us all to receive what our ancestors learned, then our parents, and the latter will it transmits everything to us. We should learn very little, relying on the ancestral dowry. But this is not the case.

Humanity is based on the imposed culture, starting with reading, writing and mathematics in its elementary form.

It can be seen that there are more or less evolved people on the globe, more or less concerned with their own culture and emancipation.

But if we judge according to our astrologers, all those born on Earth at the same time should have the same fate, the same intelligence, the same material situation. The truth is that, out of so many millions of people, one or the other only partially fits the zodiac read in the newspapers or heard on TV or radio, every day.

If it were true and we should believe the astrologers, we would do business only according to their instructions. And if it doesn't work out, let's sue them. We would make as much money as possible! But the human mind has the ability to judge and each judges according to the education he makes himself. At first, we have a little "input" from those around us, then we have to process our own "plasma" to accomplish our mission on Earth.

In the case of this book, everyone receives an "input" that they must master and perfect.

It is not enough to read only one author, to perfect your topic that concerns you. Dozens of books will help you. Everyone is limited in knowledge, but one learns even from the "stupidity" of another.

It is difficult to find out if the person who wrote what you think is wrong did so out of ignorance, out of a desire to misinform you or, simply, out of calculation (especially in business). Here is the "key" to the problem.

To know the truth, FACE YOUR FACE WITH THE WARNING. (See "table placement"). Learn to read it. The one who lies to you will not be able to speak looking into your eyes with the same sparkle as when someone tells you honestly:
"my love". The vibrations of the body speak without lying.

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