Critical Reconstructions

30,00 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-213-5

Publisher year: 2007

Edition: I

Pages: 568

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Florin Mihăilescu

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"What can be meant by critical

Nothing seems easier than to define literary criticism. And on she can say the same thing it Croce once said about art: the criticism is what everyone knows it. And yet, despite any appearances to a closer examination, does not come easily to reveal the identity of meanings, and especially their diversity. For if we admit that for everyone to literary criticism is to write about books in literature (artistică!) to comment, analyze, interpret, explain and above all to judge the value, not the same thing happens when comes to concrete way to do this job. However, critics state their meaning in reality not by who knows what essentially abstract, but just the way he exercises his powers. In other words, criticism is what makes it not so ontologically defined as praxiological is not itself an entity in itself, as an activity, not as an object (spiritual means), but rather a become an energy.
Everything is discipline in literary criticism, as in any type of criticism by the way, is somewhat more than she: theory, ideology or methodology. Exegetical Act applies to a theory or an ideology to artistic subject, employing certain methods. But it is what they are, it is what makes them and with their help. Criticism may therefore be understood as a manifestation of the mind active, which consists of works of creative approach and judging from the perspective of a number of criteria. The first of these criteria is individual taste, every man of taste is a critical potential. But professionalism requires much more: aesthetic culture, education, sensitivity, capacity for reflection and, ultimately not an analytical perspective, hermeneutics, axiological.
How to apply to art object remains are usually different and three hypostases in which he appears to us. There is a subjective criticism stated that his "invented" the object and proclaims itself an art form, there is another trying to submit to the object, in a spirit of maximum positivity and sometimes neutral, there is finally a criticism that contemplative act or reflect on the reaction of taste, to put them in relation to a system of options, criteria, standards and aesthetic values. This triple option and method translates into what we call impressionism relativistic positivism and rationalism hermeneutic scientist. All these types of criticism have worked in the past and are well represented today. A critical artistic type, a type of scientific and philosophical other type of readers responding to different expectations and realize the different realities as a work of art . their contribution to discrimination is still possible if we accept that rationale to be always be critics of any value judgments. From this point of view, impressionism inherently promotes a relativist axiology, positivism simply places it in brackets and rationality perspective tends to reconcile individual taste and aesthetic sensibility differentiated in relation to a particular cultural and historical eras. enchants by virtue impressionist art criticism, criticism of trains and clear positivist and hermeneutic-critical aesthetic horizons open for interpretation, understanding and acceptance.
By reporting its action permanent, objective is interference of some guiding and superior courts, and philosophy of art, literary theory and ideology, for whose use required lights and constant, and some auxiliary court as poetry, rhetoric, stylistics , semiotics, hermeneutics, linguistics, psychology, sociology, history, literature, history, culture, ideas, etc.., the arsenal which often takes the powerful tools of analysis, interpretation and explanation, it always remains what it is, that the relationship with the work practice concrete in search of its qualities and human limits in search of a trial or actual value of the most thorough, safe and consensual. Once again demonstrates its critical feature authentic vocation summary motion for permanent existence in the present, not self-sufficient discipline. It's not reality that is so, but as I already noted the reality that is, make and do, that is an activity that is identified more by dynamics than by her foundation.
Yet it is not stable without a foundation, without which it would be possible. This is obviously critical spirit. You understand that criticism, in the modern sense of the term, emerged as a result of the great century of the Enlightenment and as a fruit of the era of liberalism and emphasis of the human individuality of the Great French Revolution of 1789, but not less and as an intellectual concern facilitated the extraordinary proliferation of media in the nineteenth century, on whose contents, serial form, and most saw their opportunity and capitalized and added to the best purpose. "

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Florin Mihăilescu

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