The myth of human fall in Gnosticism and Christianity

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ISBN: 978-973-749-668-3

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 125

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Aurelian Lucian Ştiopu

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Hypothesis that started our work implies that there is a reading of the Old Testament myth of man's fall in the New Testament, the apostle Paul that in the works. In this section we have made an introduction to the understanding of Paul in ancient Christianity, then I selected it works Paul refers to the myth of the Fall. Based on Pauline texts as they are exposed in the New Testament and WHGriffith Thomas's study, we concluded that there are three Pauline texts that read Fall of Man myth as it is exhibited in the Old Testament. We analyzed three Pauline texts, we ruled the way they read the Hebrew Scriptures Fall myth and I concluded that Paul read the key parallel myth falling into Christ-Adam. Then I found the fact that the text of the New Testament, Pauline texts only refer clearly to the myth of the Fall into sin as it is exposed in the Old Testament. We then show that for Paul the reference to the myth of man's fall is not random, we argue that it is actually the center of Pauline theology.

  • Mitul caderii omului in gnosticism si crestinism

Aurelian Lucian Ştiopu

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